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This page is about the Neighbor country. For other uses, see Aftokrator (disambiguation).

Aftokrator (アフトクラトル Afutokuratoru?) is a country in the Neighbor World. It is the largest military state in the Neighborhood. It is one of the four nations that is currently approaching Earth along with Liberi, Leoforio, and Chion. According to Replica, there were 13 Black Triggers under Aftokrator's control 7 years ago.[1]

The distinguishing feature of Aftokrator's inhabitants is their 'horns', Trion Receptors which are embedded in their heads as babies.[2]They refer to Earth as Meeden (玄界(ミデン)? lit. Black World)[3] like many other nations.[4] One of its national treasures is the Organon, a Black Trigger and an unimaginably skilled and powerful Trigger-user.



Aftokrator is a country and a floating landmass with a giant plateau in its center. The country runs on a star Trigger, which is powered by an individual with a massive Trion capacity, known as a 'god (神, Kami,)'.[5] The god powers the star until their death, in which a new god must be found or Aftokrator will crumble. If the chosen god has too low a Trion supply, then the star will be weakened. Their strict selection of who becomes god is what kept the nation so powerful.[6] The land is split up among 4 major houses.[7]

Vassal States[]

It also keeps at least two vassal states: Galopoula and Rhodokhroun.[8]

Galopoula and Rodochroun

Political System[]

Aftokrator is an oligarchy run by 4 major houses. Under these houses are minor Houses, and there are houses under minor houses.[7]

Known houses:


  • Aftokrator (αυτοκράτωρ af̱tokráto̱r) is the Greek word for "emperor".
  • The word used for Earth by Aftokrator inhabitants, Miden (μηδέν mi̱dén), means "zero" in Greek.


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