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Aftokrator 4 (アフトクラトル④ Afutokuratoru 4?) is chapter 105 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

Enedra reveals Aftokrator's motive for invading Mikado City; to find a person with a large amount of Trion who could be used as a god to fuel the star which Aftokrator rested on.

Long Summary[]

Yūma asks Kinuta about how they were able to get Enedra's memories and personality in the Rad, to which Kinuta replies that the horn technology had some memory information due to being rooted within the brain. Curiously enough, Enedra was more willing to answer Border's questions than Hyuse.

Kinuta begins the interrogation, asking Enedra the purpose of the invasion, and why there were so many powerful Trigger users sent. Enedra revealed that Aftokrator was in a time of crisis. The country is built around a giant star, which itself was a Trigger (Queen Trigger, or Mother of Triggers). The star is fuelled by people with large Trion capacities called "gods." The god powers the star for centuries until they die, in which case, a new god must be found. The god in Aftokrator was nearing death, and a suitable replacement could not be found in Aftokrator, forcing them to scour other nations for substitutes. Enedra recalls a particularly worthy candidate, but Kinuta changes the subject to why Enedra killed the operators. Enedra claims that it was a diversion tactic, but Yūma notices that this was a lie. Kinuta tells Enedra not to lie, claiming that he had information from another source. Enedra rightly noted that it was a lie since the source had to be Hyuse, and he would never divulge information about Aftokrator. He also offers to guide Border to Aftokrator to rescue their kidnapped trainees if they so wished, and had a ship to do so. He says that he would do it purely out of revenge against Aftokrator, Yūma notes that this was a partial lie, meaning he had something else in mind. Kinuta decides to end the interrogation there.

At Border's cafe, Kikuchihara talks to Osamu one-on-one. He expects that the expeditionary team would be chosen in mid-March. He doubts that Tamakoma Second would be able to make it since they had only one truly powerful member. Tokieda notes that it was rare for Kikuchihara to have a one-on-one talk with anyone outside of Kazama Unit which leads him to believe that Kikuchihara has a special view of Osamu.

Back at Tamakoma Branch, Usami welcomes them back and announces that they have a visitor; Masataka Ninomiya, who asks Osamu and Chika if they knew Rinji Amatori.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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