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Aftokrator 5 (アフトクラトル⑤ Afutokuratoru 5?) is chapter 119 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

Ema teaches Chika about Lead Bullet + Lightning, something that she could do with her Trion level to cope with her reluctance of shooting people. Meanwhile, Enedra explains Aftokrator's family system and Hyuse's connection to the crisis concerning a new god.

Long Summary[]

Ema brings Chika and Natsume to Kageura Unit's operation room, much to Nire's surprise and delight. Ema explains that he deduced that Chika's fear of shooting people, stemmed from the belief that she could be shooting a real body. Ema reveals that Border's bullets had a safety measure where if a flesh body was hit, the person would merely faint from pain and impact. To cope with this, Ema introduces Lead Bullet and Lightning. Lead Bullet could not hurt anybody, not even a flesh body, while still being useful by weighing down foes. He goes on to explain that it could not be used in conjunction with Bagworm, meaning her location would be revealed if she used it. He also explains that another drawback was the fact that Lead Bullet lowered the speed and range of the bullet, but with Chika's Trion, she could restore the speed to a battle-worthy one. Natsume applauds Ema for this, but Ema reveals that Hatohara created it, but she could not do it for her Trion levels were too low. Natsume points out that he has a crush on Chika, but Ema internally reveals that he simply did not want Chika to suffer the same way Hatohara did.

Meanwhile, Enedra explains Aftokrator's oligarchical system. There are four major households, with minor households under them, and subordinate households under those minor households. Each major household has its own piece of territory, and its head is a feudal lord. One of these feudal lords is Hairein. He increases his family's power by collecting Trigger users, which is why he was looking for Trigger users. With the issue of a new god in place, the feudal lords have opted to scour other nations for a new god as doing so would allow the feudal lords to become the new power of the next generation. As Hairein believed that they may not be able to find a candidate worthy of being god, he had a subordinate as a candidate. While it would start a conflict, and have him lose power, he wanted to become the next power. He had to leave Hyuse behind as he would have rebelled against them since the candidate is Hyuse's family head.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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