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Ai Kitora 3 (()(とら) (あい)Kitora Ai 3 ?) is Chapter 9 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Kitora has difficulty taking down the Ilgar, so Yūma comes in to assist.

Long Summary[]

Kitora deals enough damage for the Ilgar to activate it's self destruct mode, which shocks her when she figures out that it will crash into the city (but doesn't figure out if it will self destruct), Replica says the same thing to Yūma, which he says he already knows and says he has to blow it up before it lands while also not being noticed by Kitora.

Replica then says it is not good enough as using a trigger to destroy something leaves a unique signature, which makes Yūma think it will be impossible to destroy without Border noticing. But Replica mentions that when a Ilgar is in self destruct mode, it can be defeated without an attack, which Yūma remembers how to do that and says he'll count on Replica to pull it off, Replica then uses it's Booster to fly over to the Ilgar.

Back on the Ilgar, Kitora is using Scorpion in attempt to destroy some of the "rods" but it is too dense, and wonders if it will self destruct. On the ground Osamu is trying to evacuate everyone to the shelter, but can't help about worrying about Kitora and Yūma.

Kitora is trying to stop it by repeatedly shooting Asteroid at it, but fails however Yūma and Replica link a Chain Triple together, Yūma then uses Boost Septa to launch the Ilgar into the river right before it explodes then says "mission accomplished".

Kitora however, got thrown off of the Ilgar and fell into the river, but got water into her mouth and had to cough it out. Afterwards she is thinking about what has happened in confusion, however she accepts it as it would of crashed into the city, but feels weak as someone had to save her despite being A-rank.

She then sees how civilians are praising Osamu for saving them, and thinks about how he was "earning brownie points" thinking he wants to be popular. Osamu sees Kitora and says she's the one who defeated the neighbor which earns her the praise of the civilians, Yūma points out on how he was right, that there is no contest between her and Osamu as he is looking beyond rules and ranks. Kitora says he is right, and that he is no ordinary C-rank, but Yūma tells her she was amazing on how she beat that "fish" by herself, but she confesses on how someone helped her out, so she refuses to take credit which amazes Yūma thinking about how that's an A-rank.

Some civilians however, are not pleased with the attack and start yelling at Osamu, Kitora however steps in and deals with them. Osamu looks around at the damage thinking how last time it was that bad, was the First Large-Scale Invasion four and a half years ago, Replica says the abnormal gates have to be dealt with or else this will keep happening. Osamu completely forgets about that, but Yūma tells him to not drive himself crazy over it as Border will do something about it and says they should see what border is truly capable of.

in the Forbidden Zone, a fimilar face is shown on a pile of sliced Trion Soldiers and gets a call to go directly to HQ as the commander wants to see him.

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