An All-Rounder (万能手(オールラウンダー) Ōruraundā?, lit. Universal User) is a Border agent who excels in the use of both Attacker and Gunner Triggers.


The All-Rounder position is one of the 9 official positions available to Border agents, one of the 7 directly involved in combat, and one of the 3 a C-rank trainee cannot work towards.[1] All-Rounders must have at least 6000 individual points with both an Attacker and a Gunner Trigger.[2] This definition extends to Attackers who can also fight as Shooters.[3] A combatant that uses different types of Triggers, such as an Attacker who uses Sniper Triggers, is not considered an All-Rounder.[4]

Prominent sub-classes are Close-Range and Middle-Range All-Rounders, depending on the All-Rounder's preferred fighting style and weapons.[5] An All-Rounder who reaches the 6000 point mark with at least one Attacker, one Gunner and one Sniper Trigger earns the title of Perfect All-Rounder (完璧(パーフェクト)万能手(オールラウンダー) Pāfekuto Ōruraundā?, lit. Perfect Universal User).[6]


All-Rounders are renowned for their versatility and reliable fighting style. They can fight at multiple ranges, peppering the enemy with bullets from a safe distance or breaking their defenses with Attacker Triggers at close quarters, without any glaring weaknesses to speak of. Their flexibility however comes with a great deal of responsibility, and an All-Rounder is required to possess an outstanding eye for tactics and a cool head in battle, making it a position reserved for ditinguished agents.[5]

List of All-RoundersEdit

Currently, there are 15 known All-Rounders in Border, corresponding to those who participate in rank battles. Out of them, only 3 utilize Gunner Triggers as Shooters.[1] Reiji Kizaki is the only Perfect All-Rounder in Border.[6] Tetsuji Arafune, who has reached Master Class with both an Attacker and a Sniper Trigger, is striving to become the second.[6] Tsukihiko Amō was an All-Rounder prior to obtaining a Black Trigger.[7]

The following All-Rounders are listed by their unit's ranking at the start of the current season of Rank Battles.

Kizaki Portrait Kyosuke Portrait Ryō Utagawa (anime) 2 No Pic Infobox
Reiji Kizaki
Tamakoma First
Kyōsuke Karasuma
Tamakoma First
Ryō Utagawa
Kazama Unit
Ryūji Saeki
Kusakabe Unit
Arashiyama Portrait Kitora Portrait Tokieda Scorpion2 Miwa Portrait
Jun Arashiyama
Arashiyama Unit
Ai Kitora
Arashiyama Unit
Mitsuru Tokieda
Arashiyama Unit
Shūji Miwa
Miwa Unit
Obishima Katori Kuniharu Kakizaki (anime) Fumika Teruya (anime)
Yukari Obishima
Yuba Unit
Yōko Katori
Katori Unit
Kuniharu Kakizaki
Kakizaki Unit
Fumika Teruya
Kakizaki Unit
No Pic Infobox Hidetaka No Pic Infobox
Satoru Hayakawa
Hayakawa Unit
Hidetaka Kitazoe
Yoshizato Unit
Takahiro Ebina
Ebina Unit


  • Due to the average level of Border agents increasing, some have advanced the suggestion that the All-Rounder threshold be raised to 8000 points.[2]
  • It is unknown if All-Rounders are ranked as an independent class or as both Attackers and Gunners/Shooters. Yōko Katori (an All-Rounder) berated Rokurō Wakamura (a Gunner) for having a lower Gunner score than her,[8] although she might have only been comparing their points with Gunner Triggers rather than implying that she is ranked as a Gunner.
  • All-Rounders are the only combat-oriented position not to have a dedicated class of Triggers, with the possible exception of Spotters.
  • In the databook, Reiji is listed as a Perfect All-Rounder instead of simply an All-Rounder,[9] possibly suggesting that it is an independent position.


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