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An anime for the World Trigger series (ワールドトリガー  Wārudo Torigā?) was announced on May 27, 2014. The anime was announced to premier on October 5, 2014, and is produced by Toei Animation.[1]

The anime is broadcasted on TV Asahi. An event was held on Roppongi Hills Arena (TV Asahi "Summer Festival" venue) to reveal the full cast and the characters they will be playing.

The voice cast is revealed from time to time on Weekly Shōnen Jump and the anime's official site. The opening theme, Girigiri (ギリギリ lit. meaning "Borderline"?), is performed by the Nagoya trio Sonar Pocket.

Episode ListEdit

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There are 73 officially-released episodes of the anime.

Voice ActorsEdit

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Mitsuru Hongoseries director[2]
Hiroyuki Yoshinoseries composition[2]
Toshihisa Kaiya
Hitomi Tsuruta
character design,
animation direction[2]
Kenji Kawaisoundtrack composition[2]

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Preview VideosEdit

アニメ ワールドトリガー cm

アニメ ワールドトリガー cm

World Trigger Extended PV

World Trigger Extended PV



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