A list of episodes of the World Trigger anime.

Season 1Edit

# Title Card Air date Episode name Adapted chapters
Season 1 (October 5, 2014-April 3, 2016)
1 Episode 1 Title Card October 5, 2014 A Visitor from Another World
異世界からの来訪者 (Isekai Kara no Raihōsha)
In Mikado City, Yūma Kuga transfers to the Third Mikado City Middle School, where he meets Osamu Mikumo and gets in trouble with the class' bullies. When Osamu and Yūma go home together, the bullies challenge Yūma to a fight, but Osamu tries defending him, getting beaten. After Yūma breaks the leader's leg, a Neighbor attacks. Osamu, revealing to be a Border agent, tries to defeat it but is thrown away. Yūma then takes on the Bamster with his own Trigger, quickly defeating it. After the battle, Yūma reveals that he himself is a Neighbor.
2 Episode 2 Title Card October 12, 2014 Neighbors and Trion Warriors
近界民とトリオン兵 (Neibā to Torion-Hei)
After Yūma's battle with the Neighbor, Miwa Unit investigates the site and is surprised to know the Neighbor wasn't defeated by one of Border's agents. Osamu, surprised by Yūma's revelation that he's a Neighbor, questions him about it. He realizes Yūma isn't used to Earth's customs and decides to teach him about them. The next day, the Third Mikado City Middle School is attacked by a Mole Mod, and Osamu decides to battle it to protect his schoolmates, despite Yūma's warning that he'd die.
3 Episode 3 Title Card October 19, 2014 Osamu Mikumo's Talent
三雲修の実力 (Mikumo Osamu no Jitsuryoku)
Despite Yūma's warning that he will die if he attacks such powerful Trion soldiers, Osamu rushes in to save his fellow students from the Mole Mods. After ensuring most students are safe, he is quickly outmatched, but is rescued by Yūma, who uses Osamu's Trigger to defeat the Mole Mods. Replica, introducing himself to Osamu, gives him an explaination about Trion and Triggers. Afterwards, Yūma lies to everyone, insisting Osamu saved him. Arashiyama Unit arrives on the scene and are surprised to learn that the Mole Mods were defeated by a C-Rank trainee.
4 Episode 4 Title Card November 2, 2014 A-Rank #5: Ai Kitora of Arashiyama Unit
A級5位・嵐山隊の木虎藍 (A-kyū 5-i: Arashiyama-tai no Kitora Ai)
For using his Trigger outside of Training, Osamu is told to report to Headquarters later that day. Osamu is concerned about breaking the rules, but Yūma encourages him. After school, Ai Kitora appears to ensure Osamu doesn't run away from his punishment. Yūma argues with Kitora about her grudge against Osamu and her obsession with rankings. As they're bickering, they see an irregular gate open above the city, and a new Trion Warrior appears in the sky, dropping bombs on Mikado City.
5 Episode 5 Title Card November 9, 2014 Talented Elite: Yūichi Jin
実力派エリート・迅悠一 (Jitsuryoku-ha Erīto Jin Yūichi)
Kitora strikes a fatal blow to the Ilgar attacking Mikado City, but activates its self-destruct ability. Without being seen, Yūma creates a chain and drags the Ilgar into the river just before it explodes. Yūma causes Kitora to reflect on these events and her opinion of Osamu. At Headquarters, Yūichi Jin enters a meeting with the Administration and Osamu. They discuss Osamu's unauthorized use of his Trigger and the appearance of the irregular gates. Jin is given the assignment to investigate and asks for responsibility of Osamu in exchange. Just before he leaves, Osamu is questioned by Shūji Miwa about the recent battles involving Yūma. Both Miwa and the Commander-in-Chief are suspicious of Osamu's potential contact with an unknown Neighbor.
6 Episode 6 Title Card November 9, 2014 Chika Amatori's Side Effect
雨取千佳のサイドエフェクト (Amatori Chika no Saido Efekuto)
After Osamu is expelled from Border, Jin meets him, and is introduced to Yūma, discovering Yūma is a Neighbor. Yūma then reveals that the irregular gates were being cause by a Neighbor, and Border makes an effort to find and destroy every last one of them. By Yūma's request, Osamu is given the credit for the information. Meanwhile Miwa Unit investigates Osamu, but Jin asks them not to. Later, while waiting for Osamu, Yūma meets Chika Amatori, a mysterious girl who seems capable of feeling the presence of Neighbors. When a danger alarm sounds, Chika runs to the danger zone, and Yūma follows her, saving her from a Neighbor. Osamu, who became a B-Rank Agent, defeats the Neighbor. Yūma then learns Chika's secret, and that she and Osamu already know each other, to his surprise.
7 Episode 7 Title Card November 23, 2014 Miwa Unit's Attack
三輪隊の強襲 (Miwa-tai no Kyōshū)
Osamu explains to Yūma and Replica that Chika attracts Neighbors and is also able to feel their presence. After moving to Yumite District Station to talk more reservedly, Yūma explains them why Neighbors invade the city, and Replica offers to measure her Trion, while Osamu and Yūma talk. Miwa and Yōsuke Yoneya of Miwa Unit see Chika with Replica and assume she's a Neighbor, but Yūma states that he is the real Neighbor and a combat ensues between him and Miwa Unit.
8 Episode 8 Title Card November 30, 2014 Black Trigger
ブラックトリガー (Burakku Torigā)
As Yūma and Miwa Unit's battle is prolonged, Miwa Unit seems to be getting the upper hand, when Tōru Narasaka manages to shoot his arm, and Miwa weighs him down with his projectiles. However, Yūma copies Miwa's projectiles and uses them about him and Yoneya, effectively incapacitating them. Jin, who had been watching the battle, approaches them, along with Narasaka and Shōhei Kodera. He explains to Miwa that Yūma's Trigger is actually a Black Trigger. After Miwa bails out, Jin and Osamu go to the HQ, while Osamu asks Yūma and Chika to stay together. In the end, Jin is ordered to kill Yūma and capture his Trigger, but says he can't.
9 Episode 9 Title Card December 7, 2014 The Organization Known as Border
ボーダーという組織 (Bōdā to Iu Soshiki)
When asked why he can't kill Yūma, Jin explains Masamune Kido can't order him directly, as he's part of Tamakoma Branch and thus works under Takumi Rindō instead. Eizō Netsuki and Motokichi Kinuta are annoyed by that, as it's the same thing in the end, but Mr. Kido tells Mr. Rindō to give Jin the same order. He complies, however he gives Jin the permission to go with whatever approach he wants, bothering the other admins. Before Jin and Osamu leave, Katsumi Karasawa asks Osamu what is Yūma's goal, and he explains he was searching for his father's friend on Border. When Osamu is asked by Karasawa what is Yūma's name, Kido, Shinoda and Rindō are shocked to discover who his father is. With that information in hand, Shinoda is vocal on his opinion against taking Yūma's Trigger, but, as suggested by Karasawa, Kido decides to wait until the Best Teams on Border are back from expedition to send them after the Black Trigger.
10 Episode 10 Title Card December 14, 2014 Tamakoma Branch
玉狛支部 (Tamakoma Shibu)
Jin invites Yūma to join Tamakoma Branch, inviting him to vist, but Yūma asks him to let Osamu and Chika go with him. There, they meet Shiori Usami and Yōtarō Rindō, while Osamu notices how different Tamakoma is from the main branch, and Chika asks Shiori about Border and expeditions. Jin then orders the three of them to choose bedrooms to stay over. Later, when left without anything to eat for dinner, Jin asks for a pizza, expecting that to happen. Then, Mr. Rindō calls Yūma to his office, inviting him to join Tamakoma Branch. Surprisingly, he denies the offer. Yūma then tells Jin about his past and the reason why he came to Earth, while Replica tells Osamu the same story.
11 Episode 11 Title Card December 21, 2014 Each One's Determination
それぞれの決意 (Sorezore no Ketsui)
Yūma and Replica continue to tell Jin and Osamu about Yūma's past and Calvaria's war against Spinthir, explaining how Yūma's father Yūgo sacrificed his life to create Yūma's Black Trigger. Afterwards, Replica asks Osamu to give Yūma a new goal, and then Shiori then tells Osamu about Chika's decision to join Border, and Osamu and Chika discuss it. Osamu then decides to invite Yūma to form a team with him and Chika, seeing her determination, and Yūma accepts with the condition that Osamu is the team captain. They then go back to Mr. Rindō's office to file their enrollment, where they find out Jin foresaw that.
12 Episode 12 Title Card December 28, 2014 Tamakoma's A-Rank Members
玉狛のA級隊員 (Tamakoma no Ē-kyū Taiin)
Osamu, Yūma and Chika are introduced to are introduced to Kirie Konami, Kyōsuke Karasuma and Reiji Kizaki, who are going to be their masters from now on. Meanwhile, Border's Upper Echelons welcome back the teams that were on Expedition, who are finally back.
13 Episode 13 Title Card January 11, 2015 Border's Top Teams
ボーダートップチーム (Bōdā Toppu Chīmu)
Osamu and the others continue to train at Tamakoma Branch, with Kyōsuke trying to find different ways to help Osamu train. Later, Mr. Kido sends Border's top three teams along with Miwa Unit to retrieve Yūma's Trigger. As they move towards Tamakoma Branch, they meet Jin, who reveals he foresaw their attack, and he and Arashiyama Unit join forces to battle the Raid Team in order to protect Yūma from them.
14 Episode 14 Title Card January 18, 2015 No. 1 Attacker: Kei Tachikawa
NO.1アタッカー・太刀川慶 (No. 1 Atakkā: Tachikawa Kei)
Jin begins to fight the personnel sent after Yūma, particularly his rival Kei Tachikawa. Meanwhile, Shiori starts explaining Yūma and Osamu about Border's Triggers and Jin and Tachikawa's rivalry. The Raid Team then divides, with Tachikawa and Kazama Unit going after Jin, assisted by the three Snipers, while Arashiyama Unit takes care of Kōhei Izumi and the rest of Miwa Unit.
15 Episode 15 Title Card January 25, 2015 Black Trigger: Fūjin
ブラックトリガー・風刃 (Burakku Torigā: Fūjin)
The battle between Jin, Tachikawa, Kazama and Utagawa rages on, as Jin defeats Utagawa. Back in Tamakoma Branch, Shiori proceeds to explain about the Gunner and Shooter triggers to Yūma and Osamu. Meanwhile, Kitora defeats Yoneya and reunites with Arashiyama, while Tokieda is forced to bailout after protecting Kitora from Tōma's shots, and they're left incapacitated. Arashiyama Unit then puts up a plan to take down Miwa, Izumi and Tōma, with Arashiyama serving as the bait.
16 Episode 16 Title Card February 8, 2015 The Future Moves Forward
動き出す未来 (Ugokidasu Mirai)
Shiori finishes her explaination about Border's Triggers by explaining Optional Triggers. Meanwhile, the battle between Jin & Arashiyama Unit versus HQ's top teams wraps up with Jin's side being victorious. However, to make sure Yūma is not further attacked, he gives Kido Fūjin in exchange for Yūma to be accepted into Border.
17 Episode 17 Title Card February 15, 2015 Border Official Enlistment
ボーダー正式入隊 (Bōdā Seishiki Nyūtai)
The Official Enlistment Day is finally here, and after Masafumi Shinoda and Arashiyama Unit explain how the event works, Yūma and Chika make a flashy debut at enlistment training, with Yūma beating the record in the Colossal Neighbor Simulation and Chika firing a shot strong enough to destroy the base's wall during Sniper training. After Yūma finishes the simulation in even less time after being challenged by another trainee, the No. 2 Attacker Sōya Kazama challenges Osamu to a Rank Battle.
18 Episode 18 Title Card February 22, 2015 Osamu Mikumo vs. Sōya Kazama
三雲修 VS 風間蒼也 (Mikumo Osamu VS Kazama Sōya)
Despite knowing he doesn't stand a chance, Osamu decides to accept Kazama's challenge. After defeating Osamu multiple times, Kazama tells him that Jin gave Fūjin away so that Yūma could join Border. Hearing this, Osamu asks for one more round, this time managing to get a draw. After the battle, Yūma greets Osamu, and he has a short discussion with Kyōsuke Karasuma and Ai Kitora. Osamu and Yūma are then called to the Sniper's training area, where they find out Chika destroyed the wall. Rumors start to spread about the three newcomers, and Jin, told about that, says he already expected that.
19 Episode 19 Title Card March 1, 2015 Rank Battle! Shun Midorikawa's Plan
ランク戦!緑川駿の策略 (Ranku-sen! Midorikawa Shun no Sakuryaku)
Osamu, who is worried with the rumors spread about his battle with Kazama, is approached by a boy, Shun Midorikawa, who challenges him to a simulated battle. Meanwhile, Yūma and Replica discuss about money, with Yūma being unable to understand why is paper money worth more than money coins. He is then approached by Miwa and then by Yoneya, who is taking care of Yōtarō on Shiori's behalf. Yūma offers to help Miwa getting his revenge for his sister's death, but Miwa refuses his help and leaves to a reunion. Yoneya then challenges Yūma to a simulated battle and they and Yōtarō arrive in time to see Osamu's defeat in the hands of Shun. Yūma then challenges Shun to a battle.
20 Episode 20 Title Card March 8, 2015 Clash! Yūma vs. Midorikawa
激突!遊真VS緑川 (Gekitotsu! Yūma VS Midorikawa)
The battle between Yūma and Shun begins, with Shun getting the upper hand in the first two rounds, surprising Osamu and Yōtarō, the latter who gets angered at this. Yoneya explains that it's about the difference in experience, and Yōtarō says that shouldn't matter, but Yōsuke says that's not what he means. After losing the first two rounds, Yūma then gets the upper hand, defeating Shun in all subsequent rounds. In the last round, Shun decides to battle Yūma head on, again losing. After the battle, Shun apologizes Osamu in front of so many people, as it was proposital, but Osamu takes the chance to explain that he actually lost to Kazama 20 rounds and only got a draw in one round. Jin then comes to call Osamu and Yūma to a meeting, with Shun greeting him. Jin, Osamu and Yūma then go to the meeting room, accompanied by Yōtarō mounted in Raijinmaru. There, Border's leaders explain about the upcoming invasion and enlist Yūma's help in identifying the attacking country and preparing for the invasion. Yūma introduces them to Replica, who offers to give them the information they want if they promise to protect Yūma. Kido accepts his offer, and Replica begins his explaination.
21 Episode 21 Title Card March 15, 2015 The Neighbor World
近界民の世界 (Neibā no Sekai)
Replica gives a brief explaination on the Neighborhood and the nations that might possibly attack, Liberi, Leoforio, Chion and Aftokrator, along with wandering nations. All of Border prepare to fight the invaders.
22 Episode 22 Title Card March 22, 2015 The Large-Scale Invasion Begins
大規模侵攻開始 (Daikibo Shinkō Kaishi)
The large-scale invasion has begun, and multiple portals opened in the danger zone. The Trion Warriors were dispersed and the B-Rank agents sent to take care of them. During the battle with the Trion Warriors, a new type, the Rabbits come out of the defeated Neighbors' carcasses and attack the Trigger users. The Invader country, Aftokrator, notes that "Miden" (Earth) hasn't used its full force yet.
23 Episode 23 Title Card March 29, 2015 The Divine Country, Aftokrator
神の国アフトクラトル (Kami no Kuni Afutokuratoru)
Yūma activates his Black Trigger in order to fight a rabbit, but is mistaken by and of with an enemy Neighbor. While they're distracted with Yūma, they're saved from a Rabbit by Arashiyama Unit, who explains to them that Yūma is an ally. Then, the HQ is attacked by a pack of Ilgars, but Tachikawa helps fend them off. When he learns that the B-Rank units are to go help evacuation where it's going slow, Osamu asks for permission to go help Chika, but Yūma is prohibited, as he could be mistaken for an enemy again and is more useful against the Neighbors, but Kitora offers to go with Osamu, saying she "owes them one".
24 Episode 24 Title Card April 5, 2015 Miden's Chicks
玄界の雛鳥 (Miden no Hinadori)
Osamu and Kitora head to help Chika and the other trainees that are attacked by Rabbits. They succeed in doing so, only to release more Rabbits which cubify Kitora.
25 Episode 25 Title Card April 12, 2015 Border's Strongest Unit
ボーダー最強の部隊 (Bōdā Saikyō no Butai)
Tamakoma First joins Osamu and the C-Rank trainees to fight off the Rabbits, but the humanoid Neighbors, Enedra, Hyuse, Viza and Lamvanein, arrive.
26 Episode 26 Title Card April 19, 2015 Fierce Fight! Enedra vs. Kazama Unit
激闘!エネドラVS風間隊 (Gekitō! Enedora VS Kazama-tai)
Enedra attacks Kazama Unit and succeeds in defeating Kazama, forcing Kikuchihara and Utagawa to flee.
27 Episode 27 Title Card April 26, 2015 Border on the Counterattack
反撃のボーダー (Hangeki no Bōdā)
Izumi, Midorikawa, and Yoneya assist the B-Rank teams in defeating Lamvanein.
28 Episode 28 Title Card May 2, 2015 The Organon User
星の杖の使い手 (Oruganon no Tsukaite)
Lamvanein is defeated by the joint efforts of A-Rank and B-Rank agents, while Enedra infiltrates Border's Headquarters. While Kizaki and Konami's battle against Viza and Hyuse progresses, Viza sends Neighbors to the Urban Zone, forcing Kirie to go after them, as Reiji said that's the direction of Karasuma's house. Alone against the two humanoid Neighbors, Reiji is quickly outmatched by Viza, who activates his trigger Organon, one of Aftokrator's national treasures. Hyuse and Viza then go after the C-Rank trainees, but are interrupted by Jin and Yūma.
29 Episode 29 Title Card May 10, 2015 Crossroad of Fate
運命の分岐点 (Unmei no Bunkiten)
Yūma and Jin decide to battle the Humanoid Neighbors separately, with Yūma and Replica taking on Viza and Jin taking care of Hyuse. Jin leads Hyuse to the sewers, while Yūma holds Viza back so that Osamu and Kyōsuke can run away with the C-Rank agents.
30 Episode 30 Title Card May 17, 2015 Enemy General Hairein
敵将ハイレイン (Tekishō Hairein)
Yūma and Jin fight Viza and Hyuse respectively; Suwa Unit fights Enedra; and Osamu, Karasuma, and the C-Rank trainees are attacked by Rabbits. Yoneya, Midorikawa, and Izumi join them. However, feeling that the mission was getting nowhere, Hairein joins the battle himself, cubifying Chika.
31 Episode 31 Title Card May 24, 2015 Osamu Mikumo's Determination
三雲修の覚悟 (Mikumo Osamu no Kakugo)
After Chika is cubified, Osamu makes it his mission to take her cube to the HQ in safety, swiftly dodging the Rabbits' attacks until Replica comes to his aid and summons Border's own Rabbit. Replica helps Osamu get to the base while Izumi, Yoneya and Karasuma stay behind to fight Hairein and the Rabbits.
32 Episode 32 Title Card May 31, 2015 Implacable Enedra
執念のエネドラ (Shūnen no Enedora)
Enedra is defeated by the Border agents, and is later killed by Mira. Meanwhile, Mira supports Hairein, and he is able to defeat Izumi.
33 Episode 33 Title Card June 7, 2015 Hairein's Terror
 ハイレインの恐怖 (Hairein no Kyōfu)
Karasuma attacks Hairein in hopes that he can stall him until Osamu can reach the base, but he is defeated by Hairein and Mira's conjunction tactics. Hairein goes on to attack Osamu, who is now in an inescapable predicament. However, Miwa shows up to battle Hairein himself.
34 Episode 34 Title Card June 14, 2015 Fierce Combat! The Battle of The Best
 激闘決着!最強の戦い (Gekitō Kecchaku! Saikyō no Tatakai)
Yūma and Viza's battle finally comes to an end, with Yūma emerging victorious.
35 Episode 35 Title Card June 21, 2015 The End of the Battle
戦いの果てに (Tatakai no Hate ni)
Osamu is meters away from Border's entrance as he is pursued by Hairein and Mira. He manages to save Chika and forces them to retreat; at the cost of losing Replica and being severely wounded.
36 Episode 36 Title Card June 28, 2015 The Have-Not
持たざる者 (Motazaru Mono)
Osamu recalls the days leading up to Rinji Amatori's disappearance as he lies unconscious in the hospital.
37 Episode 37 Title Card July 05, 2015 Hero and Partner
ヒーローと相棒 (Hīrō to Aibō)
Osamu speaks with his mother, Usami, and Yūma after waking up in the hospital. Then, Karasawa appears to take him to a press conference and give him a chance to defend himself after being used as a scapegoat by Border's upper echelons.
38 Episode 38 Title Card July 19, 2015 The B-Rank Rank Battles Begin
B級ランク戦開幕 (B-kyū Rankusen Kaimaku)
When confronted by the reporters about his blame for the captured agents, he declares that he'll personally go to the other side to rescue them, which leads to Border revealing about the Expeditions. Later, the B-Rank Rank Battles begin, and Tamakoma Second quickly rises to Rank 12 in their first battle.
39 Episode 39 Title Card July 26, 2015 Suwa Unit and Arafune Unit
諏訪隊と荒船隊 (Suwa-tai to Arafune-tai)
Osamu works tirelessly to find an strategy to defeat Suwa Unit and Arafune Unit, but can't find an answer, while said units also work on their strategies. After a day relaxing around town, Osamu, Yūma and Chika come to a realization.
40 Episode 40 Title Card August 2, 2015 Start-Up! Mikumo Unit
始動!三雲隊 (Shidō! Mikumo-tai)
Tamakoma Second puts their plan to defeat Suwa Unit and Arafune Unit in action.
41 Episode 41 Title Card August 9, 2015 The Brash Rookie
生意気な新人(ルーキー) (Namaiki na Rūkī)
After a hard battle, Tamakoma Second defeats Arafune and Suwa Units and advances to rank 8.
42 Episode 42 Title Card August 16, 2015 Kō Murakami of Suzunari First
鈴鳴第一の村上鋼 (Suzunari Daiichi no Murakami Kō)
Following the Rank Battle, Yūma fights Kō Murakami only to lose due to the latter's Side Effect.
43 Episode 43 Title Card August 23, 2015 Nasu Unit's Choice
那須隊の選択 (Nasu-tai no Sentaku)
94-95, 89+
Konami and Usami are surprised to learn that Yūma lost a Solo Rank Battle to Murakami, and Shiori explains Murakami's Side Effect. Nasu Unit, Tamakoma Second and Suzunari First all prepare strategies for their next match, and Kō Murakami remembers the time Arafune became a Sniper. On the match's day, everyone is surprised to see Nasu Unit's stage choice.
44 Episode 44 Title Card August 30, 2015 A Battle in Bad Weather
悪天候の戦闘 (Akutenkō no Sentō)
The match begins, with Tamakoma and Suzunari taken by surprise by Nasu Unit's map choice.
45 Episode 45 Title Card September 6, 2015 What Decides the Battle
勝負を決めるもの (Shōbu o Kimeru Mono)
Coming soon.
46 Episode 46 Title Card September 20, 2015 The Ace's Willpower
エースの意地 (Ēsu no Iji)
Coming soon.
47 Episode 47 Title Card September 27, 2015 The Captain's Pride
隊長のプライド (Taichō no Puraido)
Tamakoma Second defeats Kuruma and Nasu Units, advancing to B-Rank' top tier, and is set to battle Ninomiya, Kageura and Azuma Units in their next match.
48 Episode 48 Title Card October 4, 2015 And Towards Tomorrow
そして明日へ (Soshite Ashita e)
Osamu, realizing his true strength, decides to train to become stronger. After battle training with Kitora, he is challenged by many other Border agents, but is unable to win any match. However, his teammates assure him of his worth.
49 Episode 49 Title Card October 11, 2015 Fugitives from Another World
異世界からの逃亡者 (Isekai Kara no Tōbōsha)
Osamu and the others go to a training camp in Shizuka City. Later, a mysterious boy appears and attacks them with Trion Warriors, capturing Chika.
50 Episode 50 Title Card October 18, 2015 Invisible Assailants
姿なき襲撃者 (Sugata Naki Shūgeki-sha)
While Osamu and Yūma try to negotiate with Xeno for Chika's release, they were attacked by an unknown assailant.
51 Episode 51 Title Card October 25, 2015 Xeno's Trion Warriors
ゼノのトリオン兵 (Zeno no Torion Hei)
Osamu fights with Xeno's Trion Warrior in order to gain his trust.
52 Episode 52 Title Card November 1, 2015 The Sunset of Miden
玄界の夕陽 (Miden no Yūhi)
On Chika's request, Osamu asks for Usami's help to cheer Lilith up.
53 Episode 53 Title Card November 8, 2015 What Must Be Protected
守るべきもの (Mamorubekimono)
While working on their school assignment, Miwa, Yoneya and Kodera are trapped by Trion Warriors in Tamaga Tower.
54 Episode 54 Title Card November 15, 2015 The Offensive of Gieve
ギーヴの攻勢 (Gīvu no Kōsei)
While Osamu argues with Xeno regarding his methods, Gieve and Charon approach Shizuka City with a giant Trion Warrior.
55 Episode 55 Title Card November 22, 2015 Dead or Alive
デッド・オア・アライブ (Deddo oa Araibu)
As Pergrande closes in to Shizuka City, Arashiyama Unit, alongside Arafune and Murakami, arrives at the scene as reinforcement in order to help Tamakoma Second and Xeno rescue the captured civilians and stop Pergrande from reaching Shizuka City.
56 Episode 56 Title Card November 29, 2015 Mystery of Lilith
リリスの謎 (Ririsu no Nazo)
Osamu and the others brings Xeno and Lilith to Shizuka Marine World to teach Xeno and Yūma on how to swim. Later, Gieve's Trion Warrior attacks them, forcing Lilith to reveal her true identity.
57 Episode 57 Title Card December 6, 2015 Xeno and Lilith
ゼノとリリス (Zeno to Ririsu)
Xeno reveals the story of how he met Lilith and why they escaped from . Meanwhile, Gieve and Charon try to make a deal with Osamu by asking him to hand over Lilith to them.
58 Episode 58 Title Card December 13, 2015 Captured Osamu
囚われの修 (Toraware no Osamu)
After they found out Osamu's location, Yūma, Chika and Xeno rushes to his aid. However, Yūma got separated from the others and forced to face Gieve and Charon on his own.
59 Episode 59 Title Card December 20, 2015 Two Black Triggers
二つのブラックトリガー (Futatsu no Burakku Torigā)
After Yūma got separated from the others, he is forced to face Gieve, who also possesses a Black Trigger.
60 Episode 60 Title Card December 27, 2015 Yōtarō's Adventure
陽太郎の冒険 (Yōtarō no Bōken)
While trying to go after Konami and the others, Yōtarō ends up getting lost and arrives at Nanao Town, where he meets Kokoa Takeda.
61 Episode 61 Title Card January 10, 2016 Truth and Lies
真実と嘘 (Shinjitsu to Uso)
With one day left before another planet nation passes by, Osamu and the others discuss their next move. Meanwhile, Gieve grows desperate and launch an attack on Border's Training Camp.
62 Episode 62 Title Card January 17, 2016 Gieve and Charon
ギーヴとカロン (Gīvu to Karon)
Due to Charon's plan, Gieve transforms into his combat mode and attacks Tamakoma Second and Tamakoma First. Meanwhile, Yoneya, Kodera and Izumi try to save the citizen of Shizuka City.
63 Episode 63 Title Card January 24, 2016 A Reversed Future
反転する未来 (Hanten Suru Mirai)
After Lilith has been absorbed inside Gieve's body, Charon sees it as a failed attempt to capture her and tries to hack Gieve's mind in order to force him to self destruct. Meanwhile, Xeno reluctantly asks Tamakoma Second to help him rescue Lilith.
64 Episode 64 Title Card January 31, 2016 The Prisoner from Aftokrator
アフトクラトルの捕虜 (Afutokuratoru no Horyo)
Osamu discusses his unit's performances in the previous matches with Konami and Karasuma. Later, he joins Branch Chief Rindō and Yūma, who are heading to HQ.
65 Episode 65 Title Card February 7, 2016 No. 1 Shooter: Masataka Ninomiya
NO.1シューター二宮匡貴 (No. 1 Shūtā: Ninomiya Masataka)
Osamu joins Yūma and Kikuchihara as they help Kinuta interrogate Enedrad. Later, Osamu, Yūma and Chika meet with Ninomiya, who visited Tamakoma Branch to asks Osamu and Chika some questions regarding Hatohara and Rinji's disappearance.
66 Episode 66 Title Card February 14, 2016 Sharpened Fangs
研ぎ澄まされた牙 (Togisumasareta Kiba)
On Karasuma's]] suggestion, Osamu seeks advice on how to become a better Shooter from Arashiyama Unit. Meanwhile, Chika participates in Sniper Training with Natsume, while Yūma fights Murakami in Solo Rank War.
67 Episode 67 Title Card February 21, 2016 The Battle of the Top B-Rank Teams
B級上位戦 (B-kyū Jōi-sen)
While waiting for their next match, each participating unit, except Ninomiya Unit, reviews their strategy and improving their individual skills.
68 Episode 68 Title Card February 28, 2016 The Targeted Tamakoma
狙われる玉狛 (Nerawareru Tamakoma)
As the 4th Round begins, Tamakoma Second soon faces a tough situation when they becomes the primary target, as they are perceived as the weakest unit by the others.
69 Episode 69 Title Card March 6, 2016 Battle Royal
バトルロイヤル (Batoru Roiyaru)
With Chika voluntarily bailing out soon after Osamu is taken down, Yūma has no other choice but to fend for himself as he is stuck in a Battle Royal.
70 Episode 70 Title Card March 13, 2016 The Captain's Duty
隊長の務め (Taichō no Tsutome)
When his unit suffer from their first loss in the Rank Battles, Osamu begins to think on how to fulfill his duty as a leader.
71 Episode 71 Title Card March 20, 2016 A New Threat
新たなる脅威 (Aratanaru Kyōi)
At Border's HQ, Shinoda and Kido discuss about the possibilities of upcoming invasion with most A-Rank Unit captains. The next day, Chika goes for sniping practice while Osamu accompanies Yūma to see Enedra.
72 Episode 72 Title Card March 27, 2016 The Evolving Mikumo Unit
進化する三雲隊 (Shinka Suru Mikumo-tai)
At Kageura Unit's Operation Room, Chika receives a lesson on a new Trigger from Ema. Meanwhile, Osamu and Yūma learn more about Aftokrator from Enedra.
73 Episode 73 Title Card April 3, 2016 To The Future
未来へ (Mirai e)
121-124, 136
With Osamu and Chika's newfound skill, they began strategizing for the upcoming match. Meanwhile, most Border agents are preparing for an invasion from Galopoula.



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