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Arashiyama Squad 2 ((あらし)(やま) (たい)Arashiyama-tai 2 ?) is Chapter 26 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Jin and Arashiyama Squad fight against HQ top teams and Miwa Squad. Meanwhile, Usami explains to Yūma and Osamu about Border Triggers.

Long summary[]

At Tamakoma, Shiori teaches Osamu and Yūma about Border Triggers. Border stores Triggers inside small handheld holders. Triggers are actually small chips, and each holder can house up to eight different kinds of Triggers, allowing a user to employ both hands and switching between kinds. Shiori continues by describing different kinds of Triggers for Attacker which are Scorpion and Kogetsu.

Meanwhile, the battle between Border's top teams and Jin/Arashiyama Squad wages on with Jin deftly outmaneuvering his opponents. Tachikawa takes a moment to confer with Kazama, who notes that Jin hasn't used his Fūjin yet. Narasaka wonders about Arashiyama's sniper, and Kazama rejects Kikuchihara's suggestion to go after Yūma, since the rest of Tamakoma First is still at their base. Tachikawa decides to split their forces where Tachikawa, Kazama Squad, and the three snipers will go after Jin, while Izumi, Miwa, and Yōsuke stop Arashiyama Squad. Correspondingly, Jin and Arashiyama Squad also confer, deciding to preemptively split up to draw out their attackers.

Miwa confronts Arashiyama, demanding to know why they joined Tamakoma. Arashiyama explains that some people fight differently, and he believes Jin must have a good reason. Izumi activates his Trigger, and Kitora mentions that he is in attack mode. Seeing this as an opening, Satori fires a shot, but Izumi, whom anticipated this, activates his Shield. With his position known, Satori withdraws from the scene. Miwa then orders Yoneya to deal with Satori, which Arashiyama follows by sending Kitora to intercept him. The two clashes in midair and Kitora is knocked into a nearby building.

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