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Arashiyama Squad 3 ((あらし)(やま) (たい)Arashiyama-tai 3 ?) is Chapter 29 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Usami explains Gunner Triggers to Yūma and Osamu. Meanwhile Arashiyama Squad fight with Miwa, Izumi, and Tōma.

Long summary[]

Tsukimi informs Miwa that Utagawa has bailed out and Tachikawa is badly injured. This frustrates Miwa and Izumi, but excites Arashiyama and Tokieda.

At Tamakoma, Usami continues her explanation of Border Triggers to Osamu and Yūma. She introduces Gunner Triggers; Asteroid, Meteor, Viper, and Hound. Meanwhile, Miwa hits Arashiyama with Lead Bullets, and the two face off. As Izumi fires, Arashiyama teleports in behind him and fires in a synchronized attack with Tokieda. Thanks to Miwa's warning, Izumi barely manages to avoid getting hit in the head or heart.

Elsewhere, Kitora fights with Yōsuke inside a building, moving from room to room which forces Yōsuke to shorten his spear. As they enter another room, Kitora stops, and Yōsuke move for an attack. However, his arm is caught by Spider, and Kitora runs her scorpion through his trion supply.

Before his Trion runs out, Yōsuke throws himself and Kitora out of the building, where Izumi is waiting to shoot. However, Tokieda moves in the way to shield Kitora, but is shot in the head by Tōma. Tokieda then pulls Kitora away before Tōma fires another shot at her and lands a hit at Kitora's left leg instead. After their Trion run out, both Tokieda and Yōsuke bailout.

Kitora apologizes to Arashiyama for not being thorough enough, however he tells her to save her regrets for later so it isn't how. Miwa comments on how it is a 3 on 2, and their legs are injured so they'll finish it off, while Satori comments that he is still alive.

Characters in order of appearance[]

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Triggers in order of appearance[]

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