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Arashiyama Squad 4 ((あらし)(やま) (たい)Arashiyama-tai 4 ?) is Chapter 30 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Arashiyama and Kitora fight with Miwa, Izumi and Tōma.

Long summary[]

As they fight off Miwa and Izumi, Arashiyama and Kitora enter a narrow alleyway. While both sides struggle to know what action to take, Arashiyama radios in to Satori, whom is still alive by being quiet. Annoyed with him, Kitora tells Satori to do his job seriously. The latter replies that it's impossible as there's no clear sight in the area. Arashiyama orders Satori to increase the radar accuracy in order to know Miwa's movements. With the help of the radar, they notice that Miwa and Izumi are heading towards Jin, but couldn't detect the location of Tōma, who is using Bagworm. Kitora tells Arashiyama that it's a trap. Arashiyama contacts Ayatsuji and asks for sniping points nearby.

Tōma informs the others that the enemy is on the move. But, Izumi notes that only Arashiyama is heading their way, which he concludes that Kitora is probably using a Bagworm in order to take them by surprise when they attack Arashiyama. Miwa adds that they need to watch out for Satori, whom hasn't bailout.

As he is jumping along the building tops, Izumi finds Arashiyama and fires Meteor down upon him. Although he is taking a beating from Izumi and Miwa, Arashiyama manages to block their attacks with Shield. Miwa, whom is wondering about Kitora's whereabouts, confronts Arashiyama about his team using him as a decoy and shoots him with more Lead Bullets. Izumi and Miwa then shoot Arashiyama with Meteor, but before they could land a hit, Arashiyama teleports behind them. However, Tōma, whom has foreseen this, aims Arashiyama directly into his sights but unable to shoot as Kitora slices him in the head instead, causing him to bail out.

Arashiyama remarks that their strategy works, which angered Miwa and points his gun at him. Seeing this as an opening, Satori shoot both Miwa and Izumi's arm off with his twin-sniping. Determined to end the fight, Miwa unsheathes his Kogetsu, but stops when Kazama and Tachikawa bailout. Tsukimi then informs him that their plan has failed.

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