No special attributes, but powerful bullets: Asteroid.

Shiori Usami on Asteroid.[1]


Arashiyama Tokieda Asteroid


Kanji 通常弾
Rōmaji Asuteroido
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal
Classification Gunner Gunner
- High bullet power
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 8
Anime Episode 5

Asteroid (通常弾(アステロイド) Asuteroido?, lit. Normal Bullet) is a Gunner Trigger.


Asteroid is a projectile which appears as a straight, luminous trail once shot. The size of each bullet is directly proportional to the amount of trion the user has. Gunners fire Asteroid bullets through different types of gun-shaped Triggers, whereas Shooters form a trion cube that can be divided in smaller regular polyhedrons, their size and shape depending on how many are created at once.


The origins of this Trigger are unknown. It was first used by Shooters only, until firearm Triggers were invented.[2]


Asteroid ammunition is more powerful than that of other Gunner Triggers,[3] boasting also higher speed and range,[4] but it lacks any special properties.[3] Nonetheless, Shooters can vary their attacks by scattering and delaying their bullets.[5] Asteroid is particularly effective for concentrated fire.[3] Like other Gunner Triggers, its power, speed and range are heavily affected by the trion levels of the user. Osamu's whole Asteroid cube was so weak a Rabbit did not bother dodging it,[6] but when formed with Chika's immense trion amount, even a divided cube was capable of pulverizing a Rabbit.[7] Ninomiya's Asteroid bullets have destructive range comparable to that of Meteor when scattered.[8] With normal trion levels, prolonged, concentrated fire can eventually destroy the durable armor of those Trion Warriors.[9]

Since the number of bullets shot plays an important part in the effectiveness of this Trigger, Asteroid ends up being very trion consuming. Despite being weaker than Attacker and Sniper Triggers, it has the advantage of range over the former and rate of fire over the latter.[10] In general, several bullets are needed to break a Shield.[11]

Two Asteroids combined together form the composite bullet known as Gimlet,[12] which enhances their penetrative power.[13] The merging of Asteroid and Viper takes the name of Cobra.[14] Its characteristics are still unknown.


Name Description
Slow buck shot Slow Buckshot (低速散弾(ていそくさんだん) Teisoku Sandan?)[15] A Shooter-only technique in which the user scatters numerous, small rounds of Asteroid bullets around themselves, making it difficult for the enemy to maneuver or attack without coming in contact with these bullets. The power/range/speed ratio is 70/29.9/0.1.[16] Osamu Mikumo was first seen using this technique in Chapter 36.[16]


See also: Asteroid Users

Asteroid is by far the most popular Gunner Trigger, with 42 known users among official agents, of which 12 use it as a Shooter Trigger and 31 as a Gunner one. Among the latter, 20 utilize it in conjunction with an assault rifle, 10 with a handgun, 2 with a shotgun and 1 with a minigun. This list excludes those members of branches who do not participate in rank battles.[17] The Asteroid user with the most Solo Usage Points is Masataka Ninomiya,[18] the no. 1 Shooter and no. 2 solo combatant.[19]


  • All B-rank and above All-Rounders have Asteroid in their Trigger set.[20]
  • This Trigger's abilities were replicated by Yūma's Trigger from Shūji Miwa's Asteroid to create the Bolt seal.[21]


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