Hokari is a proficient Sniper. During the stealth and target acquisition training, he ranked 5th, above some A-Rank Snipers.[1] In the match against Tamakoma Second and Suwa Unit, he would have scored a headshot against Sasamori as soon as the latter came into view without Suwa's interference,[2] and he is also the only one who managed to significantly injure Kuga.[3] On that occasion he demonstrated to be able to take aim extremely quickly, opening fire a moment after stopping in position.[4] His role in the squad, however, is primarily to support his allies, whether it be by restraining the enemy with his cover fire or to assist them in combat with precise marksmanship.[5]

Aside from excellent accuracy, Hokari seems to also possess a good sense of timing. When his captain was fighting Kuga, he managed to limit the latter's movements with his sniping without ever hitting Arafune, who was between them.[6] Furthermore, he is competent at situation assessment, a skill he showed when he deduced Sasamori would come after him due to Suwa losing his leg,[7] and when he reckoned he would not be able to escape from the Attacker, thus prioritizing assisting Arafune.[8] Even in Rank Wars, he does not hesitate to exploit the psychological weaknesses of the enemy.[9]

Hokeri seems to have a moderately high degree of physical strength, as he managed to keep his distance from his pursuer despite wearing Bagworm and carrying Eaglet.[9] This is possibly due to his weight training.[BBF Q128]


Atsushi Hokari's Triggers
Type: White trion Normal Bagworm
Hanzaki Hokari Bagworm
Classification: OP Option
A Trigger which allows Hokari to become undetectable by Radar, which is of vital importance to Snipers.[10]

Type: White trion Normal Eaglet
Hokari Egret anime
Classification: SN Sniper
Hokari is very proficient with Eaglet. He can take aim and fire in a matter of instants with very high accuracy.[2][4]

Type: White trion Normal Shield
Hokari Shield
Classification: Defense Defense
This Defense Trigger generates a transparent green barrier in a location decided by the user, who can also control its shape and size.


Trion Attack Defense/Support Mobility Skill Range Command Special Tactics Total
Border Briefing File[11] 7 7 8 5 8 8 3 6 52