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The Away Mission Test Arc a.k.a the Expedition Selection Exam Arc is the sixth arc of the World Trigger series.

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An Alliance with Galopoula[]

On the day that Tamakoma Second has yakiniku with Ninomiya Squad, Ratarykov and Reghindetz infiltrate Mikado City in their real bodies to figure out a way to hamper Border. They are quickly found by Yōtarō on Raijinmaru, subsequently being introduced to Director Rindō and Jin. Though they initially assume that they are being arrested, Rindō expresses his conditions bluntly: Galopoula will not interfere with Border's operations or attack Mikado City, and Border will launch its expedition in 50 days. Rata remains skeptical of Border's motives, given that they are soliciting so little, so Rindō also asks for information on Aftokrator's vassal states and a Tamakoma-Galopoula alliance. He also reveals that the rationale behind the deal is that the expedition would separate Border from its strongest agents, so they want to avoid trouble where possible. Though Rata understands the reasoning, he states he would need to obtain his captain's approval for the alliance. He also asks Rindō how Border obtained its mother trigger. Rindō informs them that Tamakoma was connected with three Neighborhood nations: Dexia, Meson, and Aristera. A few years ago, Aristera had fallen and Border had given refuge to its prince, Yōtarō, and its princess Ruka Shinoda, and the mother trigger was maintained by the latter.

Rindō further clarifies that Ruka is not a god, but rather, Border had a crown trigger: Raijinmaru, Yōtarō's defender. Rata wonders what Border would have to gain from an alliance with Aftokrator-controlled Galopoula, but Rindō reveals his knowledge of the seizure of Galopoula by Aftokator. He also reveals that Jin's side effect allowed him to see into the future, and the side effect encouraged an alliance with Galopoula. Orkan returns to the ship, and Gatlin, while somewhat skeptical of the possibility of a clairvoyant in Border, gives Rata the authority to forge the alliance.

On the day of the next meeting with the Galopoulan envoys, Jin brings Yūma and Osamu to Tamakoma Branch, claiming that there is someone for them to meet. There, they meet Ruka Shinoda. Though they are somewhat put off by her arrogance, Jin reveals that she is not in fact whom he wants them to meet. He takes them to the Rata and Reghindetz. After testing Jin's ability to see into the future, Rata gifts them a bracelet which allows for tracking and contact with Galopoula. Jin hands the bracelet to Osamu, stating that he would not be going on the expedition as he has to defend Mikado City with his side effect. At the same time, he is not fully confident that Osamu will pass the away mission test. After the meeting with the Galopoulan agents, Yūma reveals that Rata was lying but only about one thing: his real name. It is revealed that Ratarykov's real name is Orkan Marduk, who is the fugitive fourth prince of Galopoula.

Away Mission Test Orientation and Temporary Squads[]

In order to have agents work with others outside of their usual Squads, akin to that of the away teams, Border chooses 11 agents to lead 11 new temporary squads. Each Captain is assigned an operator by Border. The 11 Captains then draft one agent from 3 rounds of drafting, selecting a total of 3 agents. At the beginning of each round, the Captains each draw a random number, designating their draft position. These temporary squad Captains are only allowed to select agents that both they, and their assigned operator, had not worked with in squads in the past.

Squad 1
Utagawa ep 92 profile.png Sayoko ep 76 profile.png Wataru Urushima.jpg Yuma Kuga Head 78.png Tomoe Anime.png
Ryō Utagawa
Sayoko Shiki
Wataru Urushima
Yūma Kuga
Kotarō Tomoe
Squad 2
Oji anime.png Hikari Ep 88 Profile.png Tsuji Ep 91 profile.png IkomaAnime.png Obishima Head.png
Kazuaki Ōji
Hikari Nire
Shinnosuke Tsuji
Tatsuhito Ikoma
Yukari Obishima
Squad 3
Kakizaki Ep 78 Profile.png Nono Head.png Kageura Profile ep 88.png Taichi 88.png Inukai Ep 88 Profile.png
Kuniharu Kakizaki
Nono Fujimaru
Masato Kageura
Taichi Betsuyaku
Sumiharu Inukai
Squad 4
Kitazoe ep 88 profile.png
Hana Anime.png Tanooka Head.png Shiori-0.jpg KaiAnime.png
Hiro Kitazoe
Hana Somei
Kazuto Tonooka
Shirō Kikuchihara
Kai Minamisawa
Squad 5
Kuruma ep 77 profile.png
Rui Osano (anime).png Hokari Ep 87 profile.png Koarai 88.png Yuba Head.png
Tatsuya Kuruma
Rui Osano
Atsushi Hokari
Noboru Koarai
Takuma Yuba
Squad 6
Kodera profile ep 97.png Rika Rokuta.png Okudera 88.png Yuta Anime.png Ai Kitora's communicator.png
Shōhei Kodera
Rika Rokuta
Tsuneyuki Okudera
Yūta Miura
Ai Kitora
Squad 7
Suwa Ep 75.JPG Ui ep 79 profile.png OkiAnime.png Osamu Mikumo Head 88.png Youko Anime.png
Kōtarō Suwa
Madoka Ui
Kōji Oki
Osamu Mikumo
Yōko Katori
Squad 8
Ninomiya profile.png Rin ep 40 profile.png Azuma Ep 92 profile.png Chika Amatori Head 78.png Ema 88.png
Masataka Ninomiya
Rin Kagami
Haruaki Azuma
Chika Amatori
Yuzuru Ema
Squad 9
MizukamiAnime.png Kon ep 88 profile.png Arafune ep 87 profile.png
Kashio ep 83 Profile.png
Teruya Ep 78 Profile.png
Satoshi Mizukami
Yuka Kon
Tetsuji Arafune
Yutaka Kashio
Fumika Teruya
Squad 10
Ko 88.png
Hiyami Ep 93.JPG Tsutsumi (anime).png Ep74 Kuma.png Kurauchi profile ep 96.png
Kō Murakami
Aki Hiyami
Daichi Tsutsumi
Yūko Kumagai
Kazuki Kurauchi
Squad 11
Rokuro Anime.png Mario anime over it.png Hanzaki ep 74 profile.png Sasamori S3E1.png Hyuse Head 88.png
Rokurō Wakamura
Maori Hosoi
Yoshito Hanzaki
Hisato Sasamori

A-Rank Squad Evaluation[]

Away Mission Test (Phase 1)[]


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