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Azuma Squad 2 ((あずま) (たい)Azuma-tai 2 ?) is Chapter 174 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Tamakoma Second needs 3 more points to be ranked 2nd and the round is almost over as there are only 5 combatants left, 3 from Tamakoma Second and 2 from Azuma Squad. An issue arises as Azuma uses Dummy Beacon to hide his team's signature however Hyuse does his 4th and biggest round of Escudos to block the beacons. Azuma Squad decides to do a full retreat as they are running out of options fast so a group voluntary bail out would at least salvage the situation for them.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse asks Yūma how many points they need until they are ranked second, which Yūma says three. Yuitsuka mentions how the round is almost over as there are only 5 combatants between 2 squads and based off of their positions, Tamakoma Second has the numbers advantage and they are looking for Azuma Squad who are hiding.

Hyuse decides to low down more Escudos to block off potential escape routes for Azuma Squad, Inukai mentions that Escudo's range is normally ~25 meters but Hyuse's trion let him extend the range even farther. Arashiyama further explains the strategy: Chika stands guard outside the south side where she blew up the mall while Hyuse applies pressure from the other side using Escudo then Yūma can support either one of them when someone from Azuma Squad reacts so all of Tamakoma Second is ready for action.

Inukai mentions that Azuma Squad seems to have caught onto Tamakoma Second's strategy so he wonders how they will act. Azuma asks his teammates what to do as time goes on, the less options they have and both Okudera and Koarai opt for a full retreat to cut their losses but aren't sure how to get out of the mall. Hitomi says they can use the rest of the Dummy Beacons to trick them while she makes the best escape route.

Azuma asks Hitomi to have control some of the beacons especially the ones outside, the beacons then start moving south towards Chika. Yuitsuka is wondering if Azuma is trying to put pressure on Tamakoma Second but Inukai says Tamakoma Second has to know it is a bluff. Osamu then thinks that it is a bluff but wonders if he should make Chika use Meteor before brushing it off as it would play into their hands since she would be giving up her position.

Hyuse cuts off Osamu's train of thought by claiming it is for sure, deception as it is a diversion to force them to go to Chika to protect her so he should ignore it but Usami says that would be her assumption as well but it is Azuma doing it who is a master of trickery. Hyuse mentions that he is blocking the exits while Chika is on guard so if they did try to escape then one of them would of notice so their chance of escaping is low, Hyuse contiues by saying that the fact he is falling for the fient is proof they fell into their trap which is exactly what Osamu was thinking but still isn't sure.

Two of the beacons then disappear off the radar which is even more trickery, Yuitsuka mentions that the quickest solution is to have Chika leave. Arashiyama mentions that if she runs away, no one will be guarding the southern exit so if Tamakoma still wants to be on the offensive they need to have Chika stand guard. Arashiyama brings up three options assuming they keep Chika on guard, that Azuma's bluff is really a bluff and to stay on the offensive/don't have the plan, give up on offense and go protect Chika or another third option. Osamu orders Hyuse and Yūma to go back up Chika but Hyuse refuses, and goes to search for Azuma and Koarai. Yūma leaves Hyuse in the mall to go to Chika, and Azuma notes that since only one of them took the bait he will have to end the battle before his Dummy Beacons run out of trion.

Yūma tells Osamu that Hyuse feels bad for losing Kageura's point and handing another to Kageura Squad when Osamu bailed out, and he wants to take responsibility for it. Hyuse clears the floors of the mall with Escudo and finds Koarai. He pursues the agent, and is about to shoot him when something catches his eyes.

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