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B-Rank Middle Group Final Round (B(きゅう)(ちゅう)()(さい)(しゅう)(せん) B-Kyū Chūi Saishū-sen ?) is Chapter 197 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The final middle group battle between Nasu Squad, Katori Squad, and Suwa Squad continues.

Long Summary[]

The audience is just trickling in when Chika asks Usami to stream the final middle group match, as her senior, Hiura, is participating. The commentators are Ayatsuji, Murakami, and Narasaka. The map is cityscape C, one with a steep landscape. The team to get to the top claims the advantage, and currently, Katori Squad holds that advantage. However, with Nasu's Viper, Katori Squad is forced to go on the defensive. Suwa Squad joins the fray with Kumagai and Sasamori taking each other out. Soon after, Nasu Squad is targeted by the other two Squads, but Suwa turns his attention to Katori Squad. In the process, Miura is taken out. Katori and Nasu Squads are both at 27 points, whereas Suwa Squad is at 28 points; survival points will be key to advancing to the top-group. Hiura snipes at Suwa, constraining him to remain defensive. Unlike most other snipers, Hiura's aim is to keep the attention focused on herself. Nasu can then use Birdcage to keep them in place. Katori asks Wakamura about how to proceed; Wakamura urges her not to be hasty.

Following Round 7, Wakamura berates Katori for charging in carelessly, causing them to tie with Suwa Squad rather than take the victory. Katori decides for their next match, she would listen to Wakamura's every order.

Katori's new asset is revealed.

Wakamura instructs Katori to pursue Nasu Squad and attack them alongside Suwa Squad. Nasu fires focused Viper shots, prompting Wakamura to form frontal shields. However, one of the shots strikes a Meteor trap from behind, impelling him to bail out. Frustrated by Wakamura's failure, Katori affirms to doing things her own way — but not without activating Spider, per his request.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are seen only briefly, and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]

  • Lightning (Akane Hiura)
  • Shield (Kōtarō Suwa(Focused Shield) (Full Guard)) (Rokurō Wakamura(Full Guard)) (Yōko Katori(Full Guard) (Focused Shield)) (Yūko Kumagai) (Daichi Tsutsumi(Full Guard)) (Rei Nasu)
  • Asteroid (Rokurō Wakamura(Assault Rifle)) (Yōko Katori(Handgun)) (Kōtarō Suwa(Shotgun)) (Daichi Tsutsumi(Shotgun))
  • Viper (Rei Nasu)
  • Bagworm (Hisato Sasamori) (flashback)
  • Chameleon (Hisato Sasamori) (flashback)
  • Kogetsu (Yūko Kumagai) (Hisato Sasamori)
  • Ibis (Akane Hiura)
  • Meteor (Akane Hiura(detonated by Nasu's Viper))
  • Bail Out (Rokurō Wakamura)
  • Spider (Yōko Katori)

Magazine-Tankōbon Differences[]

  • June's unfinished spreads were completed in the tankōbon version.
  • In the volume, Sasamori is notably seen fading back to opaqueness following the de-activation of Chameleon.


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