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B-Rank Middle Group Final Round 2 (B(きゅう)(ちゅう)()(さい)(しゅう)(せん)B-Kyū Chūi Saishū-sen 2 ?) is Chapter 198 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

The final middle group battle ends with Nasu Squad's victory.

Long Summary[]

With five combatants remaining, Suwa Squad remains together whereas Nasu Squad splits up; Katori is alone.

Murakami explains that since Hiura is at a low elevation, targeting her would make them targets for Nasu. Narasaka theorizes that Suwa Squad is going to try finishing off Nasu first, and then attack Hiura from above. However, Suwa Squad intends on taking down Katori.

Katori unleashes a Spider and then goes for a close-up attack with Scorpion on Suwa. Suwa blocks, but Katori plants more spider webs to immobilize him and then stabs him while he's distracted, forcing him to bail out. Katori then engages in a firefight with Tsutsumi, losing her left leg in the process. She flees and turns her attention to Nasu.

Nasu fires at her with Viper. Though she evades the initial firing, the bullets change trajectory and return. Nasu prepares to defeat Katori when she finds herself suddenly immobilized by Spider. Katori launches herself and slashes Nasu's right shoulder, causing Nasu to Bail Out. However, in the process, Tsutsumi ambushes Katori and forces her to Bail Out.

Nasu's Viper bullets continue to approach him, but he notices a fixed charge. He uses a fixed shield to protect himself from the trap as well as Hiura's firing. Hiura fires at the charge, causing it to detonate. Tsutsumi had focused the shield to his vitals, but Hiura's shot actually hit lower, and he bails out. With that, the match ends with Nasu Squad's victory, allowing them to reach the top group of B-Rank.

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