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B-Rank War's End (B(きゅう)ランク(せん)(しゅう)(りょう) B-Kyū Ranku-sen Shūryō ?) is Chapter 199 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Katori Squad and Suwa Squad come to terms with their loss in the final match. Yuba Squad celebrates Kanda's transition to university. Hiura leaves Mikado City, nominating Izuho to take her place. Finally, Jin announces that someone wishes to meet Osamu and Yūma.

Long Summary[]

Commenting on the overall battle, Murakami explains how Nasu Squad's strategy in this match was similar to that of Round 3's Riverside A. Narasaka explains that Tsutsumi's fixed shield allowed Hiura to defeat him via trion depletion. Tsutsumi is upset about the loss, but his teammates comfort him. They express surprise at Katori's Osamu-inspired Spider technique, indicating she may now be open to change. Wakamura apologizes for his ineffective commanding, but Katori assures him that the loss was not all his fault. Somei suggests that losing was beneficial, since it forced the squad to reckon their true standing.

Kido, Netsuki, and Shinoda discuss Hiura's departure from Border. They concur that she can leave Border without causing any risk to it.

Oji and Kurauchi join Yuba Squad to celebrate Kanda's transition to college near Kyushu. Kurauchi reminds him that there were schools with excellent architecture departments near Mikado City. However, Kanda explains that there were architects near Kyushu that invited him to their firm, and he needed experience to earn a license. Tonooka asks Kurauchi why he'd go to Mikado College given his record of academic excellence. Kurauchi simply states that he was guided by his interest: Triggers. Because Yuba Squad fell from the top group thanks to Nasu Squad, Kanda jokes that they were having a hard time without him, with Fujimaru calling it. Yuba has a more optimistic outlook due to Obishima's growth. Kanda assures Obishima that she will get stronger, reminding her of Yūma's similar words; she breaks down, but is encouraged by Yuba to use her disappointment as motivation.

Yuba Squad's reunion comes to an end.

Nasu Squad, Chika, and Izuho all congregate to bid Hiura farewell. Before she leaves, Hiura nominates Izuho to take her spot in Nasu Squad once she becomes B-Rank. Though Izuho is reluctant to join, Chika expresses confidence in her. With that, Hiura leaves.

Osamu and Yūma begin to talk about the Away Mission Test when Jin informs them about someone who would like to meet them.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics appear only briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

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