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A cloak that renders the wearer invisible to Radar. Consumes trion during use.

Bagworm's description, in Arashiyama Unit 4.[1]

Kanji バッグワーム
Rōmaji Bagguwāmu
Organization Link=Border Border
Type White trion.png Normal
Classification Optional.png Optional
- Hiding the user from Radar.
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 7

Bagworm (バッグワーム Bagguwāmu?) is an Optional Trigger used for stealth.


Bagworms appears as a brown cloak which fits all sizes. On the left side of the collar is a badge with a crossed out antenna, representing its function.[2] The members of Azuma Unit had its color temporarily changed to white to be able to camouflage in a snowy environment.[3]


The origins of this Trigger are unknown.


Bagworm hides the user's trion signature, making them invisible to Radar and similar Triggers. However, enhanced detectors may be able to bypass its effect.[4] It consumes trion for as long as it is active.[1] It is a particularly fundamental piece of equipment for Snipers,[5] since their effectiveness is severely limited if the target knows their location.[6] On the other hand, Bagworm may constitute an obstruction for Attackers, so they use it almost exclusively for ambushes.[7] Many fighters are also hesitant about resorting to Bagworm when there are hiding Snipers because it prevents the instantaneous activation of Full Guard.[8] However, creative fighters can use Bagworm to their advantage, employing it to hide wounds[9] or their next attack.[10] Additionally, since Bagworm remains conjured even if it is taken off, it can serve as a decoy.[11]


Bagworm counts at least 90 current users among Border agents, hence it is the second most popular Trigger after Shield.[12] In fact, the 4 known agents who do not have Bagworm as part of their Trigger set all use Bagworm Tag, which may imply that Bagworm, possibly like Shield, is a compulsory Trigger.[12]



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