Border agent Triggers automatically return to base when the agent's trion body is destroyed.

Yūichi Jin on Bail Out, in Miwa Unit 3.[1]

Bail Out[2]

Bail-out (anime)

Bail-out (manga)

Kanji 緊急脱出
Rōmaji Beiruauto
Organization BrDr Border
NgBr Aftokrator(presumed)
NgBr Galopoula(unnamed)
Type White trion Normal
Classification Standard Equipment(Border)
- Transports user to base when the trion body is destroyed
- Impenetrable barrier
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 16
Anime Episode 8

Bail Out (紧急脱出(ベイルアウト) Beiruauto?, lit. Emergency Escape) is a Standard Equipment Trigger[3] used by all A and B-rank Border agents. As such, it does not occupy a Trigger slot. C-rank and S-class agents cannot bail out, the former because they only have training Triggers,[4] the latter because they wield Black Triggers, which lack this function altogether.[5]

Soldiers from Galopoula have their own version of this Trigger,[6] which they refer to only as "the new Trigger"[7] or "the new type".[8] Since this technology was allegedly acquired from Border through observation,[9] it is extremely likely Aftokrator developed it first and passed it to Galopoula.


Bail Out manifests only when it is activated. Border's version causes the user's trion body to be enveloped in green light, which disperses upon reaching a specific room to reveal the user's flesh and blood body. Galopoula's Bail Out opens a Gate around the user.


Bail Out was invented by Border as a way to rescue agents who were incapacitated in battle.[1] According to Motokichi Kinuta, this Trigger was not copied from the technology of any Neighbor planet-nations,[9] and indeed Yūma Kuga, who explored the Neighborhood far and wide, never saw an emergency escape Trigger before coming to Earth.[1]

In order to kidnap agents, Aftokrator installed a mechanism into the Rabbits, a type of Trion Warrior, to prevent agents from bailing out once they are caught. Later on, Aftokrator managed to develop a Trigger similar to Bail Out through observation alone,[9] and passed the technology to its vassal nations.[6]

In rank battles, as long as there are no opponents in a 60 meters radius, a fighter can voluntarily bail out, retreating from the fight without giving any points to the enemy team(s).[10] Conversely, bailing out because of defeat[11] or excessive trion loss[12] awards points to the enemy who dealt the most damage. Leaving the boundaries of the map also results in a bail out.


When the trion body of a B or A-rank Border agent is destroyed, Bail Out activates automatically, engulfing them in light and propelling them through the air towards Border's home base.[13] Alternatively, an agent can activate it with a vocal command.[2] Since the flesh and blood body of the agent is still "on the other side" until Bail Out terminates, they cannot be attacked while bailing out.[14] Bail Out is the Trigger that consumes the most trion to equip.[15]

There is a limit to how far from the base this Trigger can activate. In Mikado City, the maximum radius corresponds to the surface of the city itself.[16] Agents involved in away missions will return to their ship, which is fitted with an antenna, instead of HQ when bailing out if their trion body is destroyed within 3 km of the vessel.[17]

The vast majority of Border's personnel, including trainees (although they can still bail out in rank battles,[18] since those are simulations) and Operators, are not equipped with Bail Out due to the scarcity of resources, funding and manpower,[19] although in the case of Operators their generally low trion amount is another obstacle.[20] S-rank agents are not endowed with Bail Out most likely because Border currently lacks the technology to modify them.

Galopoula's version of Bail Out opens a Gate around the user,[6] which has the benefit of not revealing the locations of the vessel. It can be either activated when the trion body is destroyed,[6] or set to activate on its own after a certain time.[21]

During their invasion, Aftokrator did not have a Bail Out function. Instead, agents were taken back to the ship with the aid of the Black Trigger Speiraskia.[22] However, since Galopoula soldiers acquired a "new"[7] emergency escape Trigger shortly after the invasion,[6] it is safe to assume that Aftokrator created it.


As a Standard Equipment Trigger, Bail Out is included in the Trigger sets of all A and B-rank agents, for a total of approximately 130 users.[23]

At least 5 out of the 6 members of Gatlin's team were equipped with emergency escape Triggers: Ratarikov,[24] Wen Sō,[9] Koskero,[9] Reghindetz[25] and Gatlin himself.[6]


  • According to Kinuta, Neighbors developed their version of Bail Out by imitating Border's technology,[9] which would be the first time in which Neighbors absorb Border's technology rather than the reverse.[9]
  • No A or B-rank agents were kidnapped during Aftokrator's invasion,[26] which means the Neighbor versions of Bail Out were created through observation alone.


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