Black Trigger Capture Arc
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Yūichi Jin and Arashiyama Unit vs. HQ Top Teams
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Black Trigger Capture Arc
Chapters: 17 - 32
Episodes: 9 - 16
Description: Kido wants to aquire Yūma's Black Trigger, a battle between Yūichi Jin and Arashiyama Unit vs. HQ Top Teams ensues. Osamu, Yūma and Chika join Tamakoma Branch
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Introduction Arc
Followed by: Border Enlistment Arc

The Black Trigger Capture Arc is the Second arc of the series.


Trion SoldiersEdit


  • Scorpion
  • Kogetsu
  • RayGust
  • Asteroid
  • Meteor
  • Hound
  • Viper
  • Teleporter
  • Chameleon
  • Radar
  • Bagworm
  • Fūjin


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Yūgo KugaEdit

Kido orders Jin to obtain the Black Trigger from Yūma. Meanwhile, Yūma and Chika are discussing Yūma's past and Neighbors in general. When Chika said that she heard about Yūma's motive for coming to Earth, she questions him on his father. He responds that he was a weird person, using his father's three rules as an example. The topic moves on from that to kidnapped humans. Yūma explains that those with high Trion were generally well taken care of, asking Chika if she knew any kidnapped people. She denies it, but he detects it as a lie. She then admits that she knew two people who were kidnapped: her friend and her brother.

Tamakoma BranchEdit

Yūma's PastEdit

Aiming for the TopEdit

Yūichi Jin and Arashiyama Unit vs. Border Headquarters Elite TeamsEdit

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