• Jona19992


    October 26, 2018 by Jona19992


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  • Lgregoryl556

    Anime and Manga

    October 23, 2018 by Lgregoryl556

    Lgregoryl556 (talk) 20:02, October 23, 2018 (UTC)

    I have just started World Trigger Wiki and i hope to make some friends. My name on here will be Yuma cause he's my favorit character.

    favorit animes:

    Dragon Ball Z/ Super

    Tokyo Ghoul


    World Trigger

    Twin Star Exorsists

    and much more


    working out

    watching anime

    reading manga




    going outdoors

    playing pranks

    age: 16

    gender: who knows

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  • Amo Senpai

    More People

    July 29, 2016 by Amo Senpai

    Are there Going to be more Main Characters and Neighbours?

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  • Juanito316

    Masato Kageura - Katsuyuki Konishi

    Yuzuru Ema - Natsuki Hanae

    Hiro Kitazoe - Anri Katsu (might need a better one, tho)

    Hikari Nire - Haruka Tomatsu (THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT)

    Masataka Ninomiya - Junichi Suwabe (Official VA, adding here just because)

    Shinnosuke Tsuji - Akira Ishida

    Sumiharu Inukai - Hiro Shimono

    Aki Hiyami - Yukiyo Fujii

    Mirai Hatohara - Risa Taneda

    Takeru Yuiga (extra) - Tetsuya Kakihara/Hiroyuki Yoshino (I’m really not sure about this one)

    Also, Katsuyuki Konishi was who I originally wanted to voice Isami Tōma, Tetsuya Kakihara was who I originally wanted to voice Hyuse, and Hiroyuki Yoshino was who I originally wanted to voice Kōhei Izumi.

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  • DinoTaur

    World Trigger MBTI

    August 16, 2015 by DinoTaur

    Typing World Trigger characters with MBTI. Here are the explanations for each letter.

    Osamu - INFJ
    Yūma - ENTP
    Chika - ISFP
    Jin - ENFJ

    Konami - ESTP
    Karasuma - INTP
    Kizaki - ISTJ
    Usami - ENTP

    Tachikawa - ENTJ
    Izumi - ENTP
    Yuiga - ESFP
    Kunichika - INTP

    Tōma - ESTP
    Fuyushima - INTP

    Kazama - INTJ
    Kikuchihara - ISTP
    Utagawa - ISTJ

    Midorikawa - ENTP

    Arashiyama - ENFJ
    Kitora - ENTJ
    Tokieda - ISTP
    Satori - ESTP

    Kako - ESTP
    Kuroe - ISTP

    Miwa - INFJ
    Yoneya - ESTP
    Narasaka - ISTJ
    Kodera - INTP
    Tsukimi - ISTJ

    Ninomiya - ISTJ
    Inukai - ENTP
    Tsuji - ISTJ

    Kageura - ISTP
    Ema - ISTP
    Kitazoe - ESTP

    Azuma - ENTJ
    Okudera - ISTP
    Koarai - ESTP

    Nasu - INFJ
    Kumagai - ESTP
    Hiura - ESFP

    Kuruma - ISFP
    Murakami - ISTP
    Betsuyaku - ESFP

    Suwa - ESTP
    Tsutsumi - ISTJ
    Sasamori - ISTP
    Osano - ENTP

    Arafune - INTJ
    Hanzaki -…

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  • DinoTaur

    So this is something I may continue in the future if it is well received. I just wanted to test my abilities in teaching, and my Japanese abilities. Please leave any feedback!

    Yūma: "Even there, humans with high Trion ability are precious."

    トリオン - torion - Trion
    能力 - nōryoku - ability
    が - ga - particle for topic
    高い - takai - high
    人間 - ningen - humans
    は - wa - particle for subject
    むこう - mukou - the other side
    でも - demo - even
    貴重 - kichō - precious
    だから - dakara - because it is

    Raw translation: "As for Trion-ability-is-high-humans are precious even on the other side."

    "I think that they're usually well taken care of as warpower."

    ほとんどの場合 - hotondo no baai - in most cases
    は - wa - particle for subject
    戦力 - senryoku - warpower
    として - toshite - as
    けっこう - kekkō - well
    大事にされてる - daiji ni sareteru -…

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  • Juanito316

    Wiki Medals

    May 2, 2015 by Juanito316

    I've been thinking, and I think it would be nice if our wiki had customized medals, like many other wikis. We could have lots referencing quotes and scenes of the anime and manga. :P

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  • Juanito316

    So, I guess most of you don't know, but there's a Brazilian World Trigger wiki. I am an admin there, although I focus more on this one.

    Either way, does anyone know how to link the wikis? I kinda want to link them. :P

    (I'm Brazilian, for whoever didn't notice)

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  • Juanito316

    I'm thinking of making a fancast with English voice actors for World Trigger characters, but right now I haven't had many ideas.

    Here is what I already thought of:

    Yūichi Jin: Todd Haberkorn

    Ai Kitora: Laura Bailey

    Kei Tachikawa: Matthew Mercer

    Nozomi Kako: Caitlin Glass maybe?

    Anyone has more ideas? :P


    Kido Masamune: Michael McConnohie

    Shūji Miwa: Yuri Lowenthal

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  • DinoTaur

    The first thing I should say is that World Trigger is still a new series. It could be cancelled at any time. Seeing what happened to Barrage and Hungry Joker, I'm not even sure if Shounen Jump even wants any new manga considering their older ones like One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, and Dragon Ball are their best sellers. They did publish Jaco the Galactic Patrolman, a short-series by Akira Toriyama which has been confirmed to tie-in with Dragon Ball.

    Back to topic, World Trigger is still a good series. It doesn't struggle in the beginning, yet it has a slow and steady pace to it. Now, if World Trigger could become an anime, we'll have to see how long it took other shounen to get an anime. Dragon Ball was published in 1984 and got an anime in 1986 (…

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