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Border Upper Echelons (ボーダー (じょう)(そう)() Bōdā Jōsōbu ?) is Chapter 10 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Osamu is questioned for his usage of his training Trigger outside of training at Border, and is bailed out by Yūichi Jin.

Long summary[]

Kitora and Osamu enter HQ, while a boy named Jin enters HQ too, to "show off". On the way, he sexually assaults Kyōko Sawamura, the young assistant HQ Director. He goes to the meeting, where he greets Osamu, who immediately recognizes him as the one who saved him. (see: Chapter 1)

Masamune Kido, the commander-in-chief of Border, decides to begin the meeting on the topic of the irregular gates, but the HQ Director, Masafumi Shinoda, changes it to Osamu's punishment. Motokichi Kinuta and Eizō Netsuki, the R&D and PR Direcot respectively, think that Osamu should be fired since he broke the rules twice, and since his behavior might encourage similar behavior from other C-Rank agents.

Shinoda expresses his disagreement, stating that Osamu, despite breaking rules, saved civilian lives, and suggests a promotion to B-Rank. Kido, staying adamant to rulebreakers being unnecessary in Border, asks Osamu what would happen if a situation like the one he was in were to arise again.

Osamu responds by saying that he would do the same thing. Netsuki changes the topic to the irregular gates. 18 people died in the Ilgar attack, and over 100 were injured. Jin reveals that his Side Effect will help the case, and that he would take custody of Osamu as he is involved. Before leaving, Osamu is questioned by an agent about his defeat of the Neighbor. After Osamu answers the questions and leaves, Kido places the agent under the surveillance of Osamu due to the fact that the Trigger used to defeat the Bamster was not of Border, and the elimination of a Neighbor if one was there.

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