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Captain (隊長 Taichō ?) is Episode 82 of the World Trigger Anime.

Short Summary[]

In exchange for Chika being part of the away mission regardless of whether or not Tamakoma Second qualifies, Hyuse can join border.

However the Rank War season will be cut early so there will be no promotion test for A-ranks but thanks to Chika, B-ranks will be picked so another condition was added, for Tamakoma Second to join they must be B-rank #2 at least on top of that Hyuse must start from C-rank.

Due to the scheduling of the season, Hyuse's enlistment ceremony and Round 6 are on the same day so Tamakoma Second will fight that round without him.

Tamakoma watches the logs of their opponents then discuss them, Ikoma Squad has their own discussion while Ōji thinks about which map they will fight in.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse once again clarifies that he will not give any information that harms his master which extends to his country of Aftokrator.

Netsuki thinks that is ridiculous but Osamu replies with how Hyuse will cooperate as long as Afto isn't involved and mentions that during Galopoula's Invasion Hyuse defeated one of the invaders. Kinuta counters by saying they did see the footage but that raises the question of why Hyuse was even outside to which Director Rindo chuckles it off, Kido then ends it by saying that isn't good enough to convince them that Hyuse will cooperate.

Osamu saying that it shows off his battle prowess so it will be a boost however Karasawa mentions that only benefits Osamu and his team so how would his enlistment benefit border.

Netsuki backs up Karasawa but Shinoda asks Director Rindo on what his opinion is, which he lies and says that he wouldn't want to take Hyuse along as this away mission isn't a direct trip unlike the previous missions so they will need to make several stops for more trion so taking an outsider would be too much of a risk and asks Shinoda if he is right while calling him the leader for the next away mission.

Netsuki says that is an unusually logical opinion for him but Director Rindo claims that he is always logical. Netsuki continues and says taking a neighbor on board is absurd but Osamu counters by saying it is actually the opposite as Hyuse can act like a guide since the countries they will go to will be unknown. Kinuta butts in with how they have Enedrad as well as the map from Replica so they can make a route using those pieces of information which Osamu tells them that is not good enough as they don't know the situation for each country and he reminds Kinuta that he should know that with a small flashback of how enedrad claims that fieldwork is for small fry.

OSamu claims that he went to enedrad himself to ask again with another small flashback saying the same thing however Hyuse is curious what Osamu meant by enedrad himself. Osamu then claims that Hyuse can guide them, Hyuse butts in saying unless the country is extremely remote, he should know about it, Osamu continues with how having a guide would boost their chances of success and that would make Hyuse's cooperation guaranteed.

Shinoda understands as Hyuse wants to get to Aftokrator so he would have to cooperate to get back home during the away mission. Osamu confirms that and says the promise wouldn't be wanting help after reaching aftokator but instead he will help until they reach Afto so shouldn't that be a good enough reason to bring Hyuse.

Karasawa starts by saying the benefit might outweigh the risk, Shinoda agrees by saying it should be considered then Director Rindo says he agrees to the plan as well. Netsuki goes to Kinuta for help but neither of them can do much, Osamu thinks to him as he did everything that he planned last night and it seems to be working however everything is riding on Kido for whether or out he prioritizes his hate for neighbors or the benefits of having Hyuse.

Kido has a staredown with Yuma's Side Effect activating while at the same time he is wondering what Kido will say.

Kido says that as a special exception, Hyuse can join which shocks Netsuki but Yuma and Osamu are happy about this outcome with Osamu thanking Kido, Kido however has a condition, since he also wants a strong team he wants to bring along Chika as her high trion count would make it so there would be less stops on top of that the away ship would be bigger which would allow for more members.

Osamu bluntly asks that even if his team doesn't get picked, Chika will still be dragged along. Kido confirms this and says that they will need to decide here and now as everything related to the mission depends on whether or not Chika comes along, Kinuta tells the group that he doesn't fully agree with bringing Chika as even if they add more combatants sending her directly to afto would be delivering her on a silver platter with kido saying that the benefits outweigh the risks which kido tells Osamu's group that she will not be a combatant in this case but will be stationed similarly to an engineer.

Osamu is worried about the condition as She wouldn't be able to look for her friend or Rinji but Chika jumps in and claims that she is ok with it as she needs to agree to allow Hyuse to join and they all wanted to join the away mission so it isn't a bad deal on top of that she confidently says that their team will make A-rank and join the others.

Kido then moves to the final option: the fact that Tamakoma Second won't have a chance to be A-rank. Osamu asks for clarification and so kido explains, Due to the length of time the upcoming away mission will take, Kido wants to train the away mission members early so the selection exam will come first so even if Tamakoma Second qualifies for the A-rank exam there wouldn't be enough time for the test, This upsets Osamu yelling that they are just stealing Chika and will leave Tamakoma back on meeden.

Kido tells Osamu to calm down as they are still talking, As Chika agreed to go on the away ship the capacity of the crew has increased to the point of keeping A-rank members and still have room for more so they will be picking from the B-rank group including multiple squads and individuals and Kido states that he realizes that saying this sooner would be unfair so he didn't bring it up until now. Yuma clarifies as if Kido mentioned it earlier it would sound like, "Give us Chika if you want to join the away team."

Kido says there are 3 rounds left until the current season ends and that they must reach the top 2 within that time frame, he also acknowledges that it could be hard but they have Hyuse however he must get in through proper protocol so he would start out at C-rank and he can't join Tamakoma Second until he reaches B-rank just like any other agent. Shinoda comments on how the enlistment ceremony is in 2 days and that he gotten documents from director rindo about Hyuse which are overdue but Shinoda asks Kido if it ok to slid him in, to which Kido agrees to after that he says they can leave but before they could Osamu thanks him.

While walking back the quartet talks about how few matches they have left so they need to do good but mentions how the top 2 for B-rank was their goal in the first place and they even got Hyuse into border so it was a win for them overall and Hyuse reinsures them since Osamu held up his end of the deal he will do the same and will get Tamakoma Second a place in the away mission but it will also be for his sake then Osamu openly welcomes Hyuse while Yuma tells Hyuse to call him Captain.

Karasawa was looking out the window and he asks Director Rindo if the "shift" in the conversation in the beginning part of the plan. Rindo is mildly surprised about it and then we see that Karasawa was talking about how Rindo wouldn't bring Hyuse along for the away mission, We now go back to the present where Rindo says it was Osamu's idea and Karasawa isn't surprised by as it did shift how the negations went then he says that Osamu learned from Netsuki's tactics from the post Aftokrator invasion conference. Netsuki is annoyed/surprised about this as he says that Osamu is a handful while Karasawa claims that is he intriguing.

After Konami scares away a pigeon from screaming too loudly, she both goes off and questions Osamu's decision to lend out Chika for the away mission however Osamu claims that it just turned out that way. Konami continues by saying Hyuse is a rip off compared to Chika but Yuma tells her that they would be unable to join the away mission if they declined while saying that kdio wasn't lying but Konami claims that "old guy" might betray Tamakoma Second and then strangles Osamu over "using" Chika just so they can join the away mission however Reiji steps in and says Usamu told him that Chika was the one who volunteered for the role.

(flashback starts) Chika who is talking to Usami and Osamu claims that she wants to look for her friend and brother herself as she doesn't want to leave it to other (flashback ends).

Reiji continues by saying Osamu invited Yuma to Tamakoma Second just to make her wish come true and the duo are trying their best to bring her along onto the away mission and Chika knew that and chose to cooperate so it is not against her will then Yuma reminds them that they want to find replica as well. Konami understands and apologizes for her misunderstanding to which Osamu accepts it however Konami mentions the fact that Chika could be the only member from Tamakoma to go on the away mission so she says they better pass the selection so that doesn't happen naturally Osamu and Yuma agrees so Konami tells Hyuse to put his heart into it to which Hyuse says he doesn't need her pep talk so Konami hits Hyuse's head so hard it shakes like a Bobblehead and says he is too cocky.

2 days has passed and It is now February 22nd, the day of the 6th round as well as enlistment day for C-ranks which in this case would be Hyuse. Tamakoma is having a pre-round discussion on how they will only have this match and two more until the selection begins and they would need to close the 5 and 8 point gap to get top 2 within these matches so as Yuma comments, they would need to get 6 points to reach 2nd but Osamu says they could also get more points so Tamakoma has to reach as much as possible and they then pray in hopes that they would score as little as possible.

Usami comments that depending on the how it goes they might face Ninomiya or Kageura Squad so that would be the chance to close the gap to which Osamu agrees with. Osamu says that today is also Hyuse's induction ceremony so he won't be able to fight in this match then says they should review their opponents which in this case would be Ikoma Squad and Ōji Squad.

After seeing their faces, age, and position, Osamu says both Squads are strong as they have stably been in the top group for B-rank. Yuma says their formation is similar both having a shooter to cover two attackers however Ikoma Squad has a sniper who helps cover them, Osamu steps in and says they have completely different fighting styles. Ikoma Squad's forte is a 4-person multi-angled attack with their their captain and their sniper, Oki being people to watch out for as Oki is a mobile sniper who uses grasshopper while Ikoma is counted as the best Senkū user by Jin with Yuma saying that he uses Senku alot in his matches and they watch the logs that shows his Senku "kills" and each time it ends with him facing the camera to which the trio questions why he always does that.

Now at the Ikoma Squad operator room, Ikoma says Tamakoma is "damn strong, like super strong y'know" and calls Yuma "legit" with their shooter, Mizukami agreeing with him. Ikoma comments on how he was blown away during round 3 with Yuma "killing" Murakami while in the water with their other attacker, Kai saying he saw it 20,000 times to which Oki calls him a liar. Ikoma then continues by saying Osamu suddenly leveled up so Mizukami says they need to do something about those wires but, they aren't choosing the map this time.

Their operator, Maori Hosoi says that the front liners need to stay cool or else they will lose and specifically outs Kai and then goes along with it and says he will stop Yuma and he also uses grasshopper. Maori, pissed yells at him as she just said to not charge in alone to which Kai goes oops, Ikoma mentioned that they can't forget about Chika who is, "super small and cute" which shocks his group, Oki claims that Ikoma says that about every girl he sees to which Mizukami agrees with. Maori is disappointed as he never says that to her however Oki says that "mario" has a "he's never said that about me" look on her face to which Ikoma is shocked as he thinks Maori doesn't know that she is cute, Mizukami says that she has a cute side to her while Kai just straight up calls maori cute, Maori while blushing says they are all sick which creeps her out which makes her squad mates laugh and so she says it isn't funny.

Mizukami says they now know Chika's tricks thanks to Teruya in the last round, Ikoma agrees with him and says she is also cute after an awkward silence. Mizukami says counter sniping is the best way to take her out so they will be counting on Oki, to which he says that he will harden his heart and shoot her.

Back at Tamakoma's operator meeting, Osamu tells the group that Oji Squad is good at close quarters fighting and they move similarly to Kakizaki Squad, they also all have Hound and that even their attacker, Yutaka Kashio uses it alot so it would be bad if they got surrounded. Osamu then outs their captain, Kazuaki Ōji as he is a trick type attacker who uses Kogetsu, Scorpion and Hound and then mention that his squad gets to chose the map so their tactics depend on which map they chose.

now at Oji Squad's operator room, Oji comes out of a separate room and proclaims that the map they will fight in, will be city scape A.

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Adapted Chapters[]

Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • When Osamu was talking about the neighborhood it shows 3 different Neighbor countries however they use Liberi in the anime while in the manga it looks to be Galopoula.
  • When Enedrad is shown, in the anime it shows his plug while in the manga it is omitted.
    • Weirdly enough he is also unplugged.
  • Yuma has a visual indicator that he is using his Side Effect in the anime while in the manga there is none.


  • Yutaka Kashio when shown doesn't have Kogetsu despite having it equipped in the manga and in his loadout.


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