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Chika Amatori (雨取 千佳 Amatori Chika ?) is volume 22 of the World Trigger Manga.


It’s round 8 of the Rank Wars, and Hyuse is heavily damaged and flanked by rival squads. The whole match hinges on two things: Chika’s ability to shoot people and the squad’s overall strategy against Ninomiya himself. Tamakoma-2’s ticket to the away mission depends on placing high in B-rank, and the final match is hurtling towards a conclusion!

Cover Characters[]

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  1. Hyuse 9 (ヒュース ⑨ Hyūsu 9?)
  2. Chika Amatori 8 (雨取 千佳 ⑧ Amatori Chika 8?)
  3. Yuba Squad 3 (弓場隊 ③ Yuba-tai 3?)
  4. Yuba Squad 4 (弓場隊 ➃ Yuba-tai 4?)
  5. Masataka Ninomiya 3 (二宮 匡貴③ Ninomiya Masataka 3?)
  6. Masataka Ninomiya 4 (二宮 匡貴➃ Ninomiya Masataka 4?)
  7. Osamu Mikumo 18 (三雲 修 ⑱ Mikumo Osamu 18?)
  8. Chika Amatori 9 (雨取 千佳 ⑨ Amatori Chika 9?)
  9. Tamakoma Second 24 (玉狛第二 ㉔ Tamakoma Daini 24?)

Author's Notes[]

"I've always been an extreme shut-in by nature, so my lifestyle has not changed much recently, which is kind of shocking. I'm eternally grateful to the people who deliver food and other stuff to my home."

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