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Chika Amatori 3 (雨取 千佳 ➂ Amatori Chika 3?) is chapter 34 of the World Trigger manga.

Short summary[]

Yūma and Chika make a flashy debut at enlistment training, with Yūma beating the record in the Colossal Neighbor Simulation and Chika firing a shot strong enough to tear a hole on the base's wall during Sniper training.

Long summary[]

At HQ's Training Hall, Yūma defeats the Colossal Neighbor in the record time of 0.6 seconds. One of the other trainees, skeptical at his feat, demands him to try again, assuming the timer had a problem. Yūma then defeats the simulation again, this time in 0.4 seconds. Kazama, who has been watching together with his unit, recognizes Yūma's usefulness. Kikuchihara remarks he probably just got used to it, but Utagawa observes those are not the moves of an amateur. While the other trainees congratulate Yūma's feat, Kitora realizes he was the one who defeated the Neighbor in Osamu's school. Osamu confirms it, since there's no need hiding Yūma's identity anymore. Smug, Kitora says she knew it couldn't have been Osamu, who asks himself why she's so happy.

Karasuma comes along, causing Kitora to flush. He acknowledges he hasn't seen her in quite some time, as his part-time jobs are too time-consuming. He asks how things are going. Osamu explains everything is alright, although Yūma is calling attention to himself. Karasuma notices Arashiyama Unit taking care of the enlisted agents again, noting it must be hard, but Kitora waves it off. She notes Karasuma hasn't appeared in the rank wars lately and asks him to practice with her again someday; he replies she is strong enough already. He suggests her to train with someone her age: Osamu, who is his pupil. Kitora is shocked at this, inquiring if they practice one-on-one. Karasuma says they do, but Osamu still has a lot to learn, to which Osamu apologizes, embarrassed. He thinks he should go greet Arashiyama, so Osamu gives him directions. Kitora determines that she's really envious of Osamu.

Meanwhile, in the Snipers' training room, Satori gives a short explanation about the room's mechanics, and notes that there are about 7 Sniper candidates, only to be corrected by Chika, the eighth candidate. Ken Satori promptly apologizes for his mistake, while other trainees notice she doesn't seem apt for combat. Ken informs the trainees to follow the instructions of the regular members behind him: (Azuma and Arafune).

While positioning herself for training, Chika asks Azuma if it's alright to not run after each shot, which raises eyebrows around. He reassures her it's alright. The other trainees find her funny, claiming a Sniper's job is just to hide and shoot enemies; but Azuma notes she's right, as Snipers have to move around in order not to blow their cover. Except... that's something they're not told until B-Rank. He thinks to himself that her mentor must have full trust in her advancement to B-Rank, and wonders who it could be.

After Ken gives a brief explanation about the Triggers developed for Snipers, he asks Chika and another female Sniper to begin the training, telling them to shoot the target in the Colossal Neighbor dummy. Chika goes first, shooting a powerful blast which not only destroys the dummy, but burns through the base's wall along with a nearby building, shocking everyone, but Chika most of all.

Back in the Training Hall, the same trainee who had doubted Yūma's skill, now invites him to join his group, but Yūma promptly refuses. When Arashiyama asks if he's joining Osamu, Yūma confirms this. Kazama then comes down and asks Arashiyama to borrow him a Training Room, saying he wants to test the skills of "Jin's apprentice". Arashiyama protests, as he's still just a trainee; but Kazama rectifies him, announcing Osamu is the one he wants to fight, to everyone's surprise.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italics are seen only briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


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