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Chika Amatori 4 ((あま)(とり) ()()Amatori Chika 4 ?) is Chapter 52 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short summary[]

Kitora, having been incapacitated due to her fight with the Rabbit before, is quickly captured by one of the three Rabbits the initial Rabbit released. While the C-Rank agents flee the scene, Chika, being emotionally traumatized by the scene, cannot. A Rabbit attacks Chika, but Natsume shoots it, prompting it to capture her. It is about to capture her, but Chika shoots it, and Osamu kills it. Osamu reports to Shinoda about their predicament, and Shinoda replies that he will send Border's strongest team.

Long summary[]

The invading humanoid Neighbors reveal their goal as capturing C-Rank members, and plan to join the invasion. Meanwhile, three new Rabbit models have appeared after Kitora defeating the initial one. The incapacitated Kitora orders all the C-Rank agents to run, and tells Osamu to contact Headquarters, when a Rabbit captures her. She attempts to execute Bail Out, but she is transmuted into a cube and captured. After, Osamu is knocked away by one of them, but survives the impact.

The C-Rank agents begin to flee the scene, except for Chika, who is emotionally traumatised by seeing Kitora being captured. Despite Natsume and Osamu commanding her to flee, she cannot, as seeing Kitora being captured reminds her of her brother and her friend. The Rabbit attacks Chika, but Natsume fires and distracts it. The Rabbit captures her and is about to capture her as well. Chika remembers how she joined Border in order to fight the Trion Soldiers and declares that she would save her friend. Using her rifle Trigger, she fires at the Rabbit, destroying a large portion of its body, and nearly hitting Natsume. Osamu manages to kill it.

Osamu reports to Shinoda about their situation and Kitora's ordeal. Shinoda replies that Border's strongest team is being sent to the southern and eastern areas. Tamakoma First is seen driving in a Border jeep. Konami asks what the strategy will be, and Kizaki responds that Konami will rampage the monster, and he and Karasuma would follow. Konami then activates her Trigger.

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