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Chika Amatori 5 ((あま)(とり) ()()Amatori Chika 5 ?) is Chapter 118 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Kinuta questions Enedrad about the forecasted invasion and the two nations involved. Meanwhile, Chika does sniper training with Natsume.

Long Summary[]

Osamu and Yūma enter the laboratory where Enedra (nicknamed 'Enedrad') is. Enedra insists that he has told Kinuta everything about Galopoula and Rodochroun that is necessary. Kinuta complains that the information is not detailed enough, and when Enedra refuses to say any more, Terashima offers him more movies, so he begins talking. He admits that he doesn't know much about the nations as he was not involved with them. He does know that both states are small and cannot amass the power required to defeat Border. Yūma reveals that Enedra is telling the truth for the most part. Kinuta explains that the invasion would happen in a few days if Enedra's predictions were accurate. Kinuta also tells them to not divulge the information to avoid public panic, to Osamu's shock. Kinuta adds that hindrances to Border's plans of acquiring strength and expeditions would come as a result too. Yūma asks Enedra how he knows that the two nations would invade, and Enedra said that it sounded like something his captain would do. As Aftokrator was dealing with the internal conflict of finding a God, having Border attack them would not be in their best interests. He also warns all of them to not tell Hyuse about this, as he is secretly desiring to return to Aftokrator. Osamu asks for clarification on this.

At the same time, Chika is in Sniper training with Natsume. The training involved hitting a target for 5 points, and losing 2 points if you get hit. Chika is shot by Ema, so she shoots him back, surprising him. After the training, Ema joins Chika. She talks about how Kizaki had comforted her over the fact that she could not shoot others, leading Ema to believe she had a good mentor. Chika points out that she still needs to get over it quickly lest becoming useless. The word 'useless' evokes Ema's memories of Hatohara, and he asks Chika to accompany him as he can help her.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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