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Chika Amatori 7 ((あま)(とり) ()()Amatori Chika 7 ?) is Chapter 179 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Chika talks about her feelings about shooting people while Osamu and Yūma prepare for the next Rank War.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse asserts that Chika is able to shoot people, which would drastically ease Tamakoma Second's matches. He cites his prior experience in battle, noting that Chika comes across as someone who can shoot. Chika explains that she is afraid to see people's trion bodies getting destroyed as though they were real bodies. Hyuse argues that such thinking could result in Osamu or Yūma's deaths. Chika becomes visibly distressed by Hyuse's suggestion, so Usami and Reiji take her to the roof for a private discussion.

On the roof, Chika recounts an event from her childhood where a Trion Soldier chased her, but only her childhood friend Aoba believed her. After Aoba disappeared herself, Chika began to fear the possibility of her being blamed for Aoba's disappearance. She goes on to clarify that she is not scared of shooting per se; rather, she is afraid of being ostracized due to her destructive capabilities in combat. She simply pretended to be weak to avoid her real fears being exposed, but after Hyuse's warning, she feels she is not fulfilling her commitment to them. Reiji and Usami assure her that neither they nor Osamu and Yūma would ever blame her for being unable to shoot. Chika leaves and Usami traces her self-denigration to feelings of guilt, but Kizaki claims that she is now acting out of selflessness. Chika, while walking away, declares that Osamu and Yūma not blaming her is all the more reason to work harder.

Yūma and Osamu are discussing their upcoming battle with Yuba Squad. Osamu notes that Yuba functions as an Attacker who uses guns. Yūma regrets not being able to spar with him beforehand as that handicapped him during the previous Rank War. Midorikawa texts Yūma and lets him know that a friend of his can introduce him to Yuba.

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