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Chika Amatori 8 ((あま)(とり) ()()Amatori Chika 8 ?) is Chapter 189 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Hyuse continues to get beaten down by the temporary alliance but before Bailing Out, he uses Viper's gimmick instead of hiding it as Asteroid which takes out Ikoma and almost takes out Kai. Afterwards Yuba takes out Mizukami and Hyuse joins Usami on the support side.

Long Summary[]

Hyuse is on the ground with a Kogetsu in his right hand but is missing his other arm and both of his legs. Yuba and Obishima on the other hand climb over the escudo walls Hyuse made. Kurauchi comments on how Hyuse doesn't have barely has any Trion left so he wouldn't be able to counter-attack, Ōji continues by saying after Hyuse bails out then the battle will shift heavily in multiple ways.

Inukai relays the info to Ninomiya on how Hyuse tried to go after him and Tsuji, Hiyami tell Ninomiya and Tsuji to conceal themselves with bagworm as she thinks it was Tonooka who attacked Tamakoma Second earlier.

Maori tells the rest of her squad that Ninomiya and Tsuji vanished with Mizukami thinking about how they are done taking it easy. Taketomi continues her commentary by asking who will finally take down Hyuse, Ōji says Ikoma Squad will probably be the one to take them out as Yuba Squad would take the former down to then take down Hyuse, then they would take down Ikoma while he is distracted, Konami wonders if Yuba would actually go for such a roundabout strategy but Ōji says it isn't Yuba's strategy but Kanda's.

Obishima says she'll manipulation Hyuse into Ikoma's line of fire so Yuba tells her to not get too close, Hyuse sees her and summons Escudo, Obishima thinks it will come from below but it was used to launch a car at her and Yuba, the former didn't notice and got hit but was ok, while the latter narrowly avoided it. Inukai is happy as it made their team play fall apart and decides to put some more pressure on Hyuse, Hyuse then summons another cube while Kai uses grasshopper to get closer, but Ikoma gets ready to use his signature senkū so Hyuse launches it at him, however it was revealed that the senkū was a feint and instead used Full Guard.

However Hyuse uses Viper's gimmick to go around the shield which forces Ikoma to bail out. Yuba summons his bagworm while Kai tries to take out Hyuse whilst comparing him to Nasu, However Hyuse knew that and made it so some of the viper bullets would come back to take out Kai, but Mizukami came prepared and summoned two shields to guard Kai as the former slashes him causing Hyuse to Bail Out.

Obishima immediately goes after Kai with both her Kogetsu and Asteroid, but the latter was able to block the Kogetsu and use Shield to block the shots. Mizukami knowing that Obishima is with Kai, knew that Yuba would chase him to which he was correct, however Inukai was just around the corner and Mizukami tries to block the shots coming from both sides but fails on both counts, but Yuba was faster and thus got the point which means three out of the four squads has one point with Ninomiya Squad being the only one without one.

Taketomi comments on how Hyuse's secret weapon was Viper, Konami confirms it and was nervous he would go down without ever using it, Inukai said it went as he expected but was sharper and cleaner than he thought, but then says he needs to stay alive until he can regroup with his squad.

Hyuse is disappointed in himself but says he at least got the bare minimum of one point and says there is something else he needs to do. The rest of Tamakoma Second comments on how Hyuse is down: Osamu is a bit rattled, Yūma comments on how it had to happen while chika is sad as she feels like she failed due to "not being good enough", but Hyuse on the support side apologizes for how he couldn't get the shot they practiced and was instead eliminated. Chika thinks about what he said previously (see: Chapter 179) and says it is her fault, however Hyuse says she needs to protect Osamu and Yūma in his stead. near the entrance of the viewing hall, Izumi is thinking about how "it is heating up" in all sorts of ways for Tamakoma Second.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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