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Chika Amatori 9 ((あま)(とり) ()()Amatori Chika 9 ?) is Chapter 195 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Tamakoma Second defeats Ninomiya Squad in the final match of the season, winning the Rank War.

Long Summary[]

The commentators express shock that Chika would reveal her location with little impact on the battle and that Ninomiya would face Osamu and Yūma alone.

However, Tsuji suddenly changes his target to Osamu, preparing to slash him down. On Hyuse's command, Chika fires at Tsuji. Tsuji guards with a piece of debris assuming that Chika fired a Lead Bullet while using a small Shield just in case. However, it turns out to be an Ibis shot, piercing the shield and destroying Tsuji. While Ninomiya prepares for an offensive, Osamu shoots at him with what appears to be a weak Asteroid. Ninomiya simply dodges the attack, but the bullets suddenly change trajectory and pierce Ninomiya. It is revealed that Osamu used a Hound, but used his reputation for low trion to make it seem as though it were a trion-deficient Asteroid. Yūma uses the opportunity to get close to Ninomiya and stab him, forcing him to Bail Out.

Inukai approaches Chika and commends her kill, and then proceeds to take her out. Inukai asks Ninomiya whether he should continue the match alone or not due to his gut feeling, and Ninomiya tells him to retreat, giving the victory to Tamakoma Second.

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