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Choice (選択 Sentaku?) is episode 87 of the World Trigger Anime.

Short Summary[]

Chika takes part in a radar search drill with Izuho, Akane, Ema, Tōma, and Oki. Following this, Ema and Tōma meet up with Yūma, Kitazoe, Murakami, and Kageura at the Kageura family's okonomiyaki restaurant, where they are later joined by Arafune, Hokari, and Hikari. The boys discuss Chika's participation in the away mission, Ema's intent to throw the next match in order to help her chances of joining, and Tōma's observation that she is not incapable of shooting people but rather does not want to. Yuma returns to Tamakoma Branch and shares Tōma's observations with Osamu, who feels uneasy about the next match in spite of his squad growing stronger. The following day, Tamakoma Second goes to HQ, where they, Azuma Squad, and Kageura Squad conduct their final meetings before the match.

Long Summary[]

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