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Collision (激突 Gekitotsu?) is episode 75 of the World Trigger anime.

Short Summary[]

Gatlin, Ratarykov and Wen Sō manage to infiltrate HQ, but Border knows their goal thanks to Jin's predictions, and positions the top 4 attackers to protect the away ship.

Long Summary[]

Yōsuke and Miwa begin attacking Koskero, Koskero uses the Dogs to block Miwa's Asteroids and blocks Yōsuke's Spear attacks with his trigger which coats the spear with a purple looking slime. some Idras come up and Yōsuke tries attacking with the slime covered trigger and realizes that it has been dampened so he summons a new spear while Miwa uses Lead Bullet so slow down the Idras while Yōsuke jumps and stabs them.

Yōsuke then attacks Koskero but uses Gen'yō to cut off Koskero's leg saying he has had a thing for legs recently. Koskero now trying to run away asks Yomi to change the Idra's attack pattern and tells him that some of their bullets go past their shields. Yomi asks if he should join him but Koskero says he should be fine so Yomi should support Reghi instead as more agents are meeting up.

After some Idras get destroyed, Reghi is going out of their range and thinks about how his and Koskero's is job to lure them away and if in the inside crew succeeds then they would win.

inside, Wen Sō with some dogs are keeping their distance away from Yūko Kumagai and Rei Nasu who are using Kogetsu and Viper respectively. suddenly the dogs go on the offensive but the Nasu duo are stronger than the two dogs so Wen So summons 8 more Dogs and goes on the offensive herself. After a few swings from Wen So, Kumagai seems to be worn out so nasu uses Viper to forcibly puts distance between them with Nasu commenting that she knows the strength of their shields so she will beat them down.

Wen So decides to throw a token in the aim which summons a smoke screen to hide both herself, the dogs and seperating Nasu and kumagai. Kumagai is struggling to deal with the dog's beams with the smoke while Nasu thinks she sees Kumagai and runs to her but after showing Kumagai was still lost and a gust of wind it is revealed that Wen disguised herself as Kumagai and thus tries to cut of Nasu's neck but misses however Nasu's arm gets cut off while falling down.

Nasu gets pissed at Wen for disguising herself as Kumagai but Wen d meanwhile Shinoda thinks about how suspicious galo's operation is as it seems almost absurd since if their trion body gets destroyed, they would be captured so he asks himself if they don't fear getting caught or if they are that confident.

Rata and Gatlin reach right above the away ship hanger and thus placed a tunnel below them so they can jump down into the hanger. The duo however decide not to jump down yet as they think it is suspicious that they didn't have much difficulty reaching the target and raises the question if their moves are being read and if so, do they have people stationed at the target. Gatlin seemingly agrees as he says that if they had people waiting then that would explain why the inside security is lax then they jump down.

It is revealed that the top 4 attackers are guarding the Away Ship. Kazama gets info that there are only 2 people going down to the hanger and they summon Dog type Trion Soldier through gates. Tachikawa comments that they couldn't be tougher than the previous new types and says that he knew Jin predicted it but he feels bad for the duo. Konami tells him to not be so easygoing as Jin saw a future where Tachikawa gets split in half and while Kazama and Murakami are shocked, Tachikawa welcomes it even declaring that it excites him.

Jin is walking around and asks himself where should he go as he could help the people inside but could go outside and get a better read on their plan but Yōtarō ontop of Raijinmaru running towards Hyuse which shocks Jin. Yōtarō tells Raijinmaru to use her nose and the clue is that Hyuse had curry for lunch, Raijinmaru seems finds Hyuse and runs towards him. Jin meanwhile is seemingly annoyed as Kids(in this case Yōtarō) choses unlikely futures like it's nothing and despite the fact that if the away ship is destroyed Tamakoma Second might lose their chance to go onto the away mission but Jin himself needs to take care of the mess Yōtarō started and leaves it to the attackers.

Outside, Masataka Ninomiya makes the composite bullet, Gimlet which breaks the Idra's shields which leaves them open to Inukai's Asteroid which destroys them. Kako uses her customized Hound which goes around the Idra's Shields and they get destoried while Futaba uses Idaten to quickly slice 4 Idras in one go. what looks to be the rest of the Idras pull back so Ninomiya calls out to the snipers saying that the trion soldiers are out of range so they should try and destroy the rest while they can.

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Anime and Manga Differences[]

  • When the Snipers jump off the room Ken Satori seems to be hidden in the anime while in the manga he is shown mid-fall.
    • Additionally when Shun Midorikawa and the rest of Snipers are shown on the rooftop they have Bagworm on in the anime however in the manga they are turned off


at different points of the episode Suwa and Daichi are firing at Idras, however in the original broadcast neither one of them has a Shield up, this was later fixed in the DVD release.[1]


  1. [1] A Japanese twitter user showing off the differences


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