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Dummy Beacon
Azuma Unit has activated Dummy Beacons now! They've created a disturbance on the radar!

Karin Yuitsuka about Dummy Beacon, in Azuma Unit.[1]

Dummy Beacon[1]
Dummy Beacon (173).png
Dummy Beacon
Kanji ダミービーコン
Rōmaji Damībīkon
Organization BrDr.pngBorder
Type White trion.png Normal
Classification Optional.png Optional(Prototype)
- Mimicks a trion signature
- Remotely controlled
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 169

Dummy Beacon (ダミービーコン Damībīkon?) is a prototype Optional Trigger.[2]


Dummy Beacon produces spherical decoys slightly bigger than a baseball. A slit divides it into two hemispheres, one darker than the other. The darker one has a circular opening at the top, whereas the lighter one is crossed by intersecting depressions.[3]


Since Dummy Beacon can be utilized in rank battles, it can be inferred that it is a prototype approved by HQ,[2] and as such, it has been developed only recently.


Dummy Beacons interfering with Radar.

Dummy Beacon is a Trigger meant to interfere with the enemy's Radar.[1] It allows the user to conjure small floating orbs[3] that mimic their trion signature or, with the assistance of an Operator, a teammate's. They can be activated one by one or all at once.[1] The decoys can be remotely controlled by the user,[4] but their paths can give away their nature if the opponent is allowed to concentrate on them long enough. This can be prevented by creating a large number of them,[5] although it adds up to a high trion cost.[1]

Once deployed, the decoys will remain in existence even if the user switches to another Trigger from the same column (Main or Sub) as Dummy Beacon.[6] The decoys remain active for up to a few minutes before running out of trion,[7] unless they are switched off by the user before that time.[8]


There are 6 known users of this Trigger. There seems to be a slight preference towards equipping it in the Sub[2][9][10][11] as opposed to the Main.[2][12]



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