Grasshopper Users
Takaaki Katagiri
Asumi Amakura
Haruaki Azuma
Azuma Dummy Beacon (169)
Azuma uses Dummy Beacon to gain a tactical advantage on the enemy, disturbing their Radar. He sets them in locations which he anticipates will be key to resolving the conflict.[1] In general, he sends out only a few, but on one occasion he filled an entire mall with them,[2] enlisting his Operator's help to activate them all at the same time[3] and have them give off his teammates' trion signatures as well.[2] Although deploying many Dummy Beacons is very trion-consuming, it has the additional benefit of adding another layer to the diversion wherein if the opponent focuses on attempting to tell the decoys apart from the signatures of their opponents by their movements, the split focus will make them easier for Azuma to snipe.[1] Azuma is first seen using Dummy Beacon in Chapter 169.

Wataru Urushima
Kotarō Tomoe
Yūya Tsuchizaki


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