The Eaglet you're all using now is an all-purpose type with optimal firing range. It's adequate for most jobs.

Ken Satori about Eaglet.[1]


Egret anime2


Kanji イーグレット
Rōmaji Īguretto
Organization BrDr Border
Type White trion Normal
Classification Egret icon Sniper
- Excellent range
- High muzzle velocity
- High firepower
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 14
Anime Episode 7

Power B
Range S
Bullet Speed A
Rapid-fire C
Lightness C
Type Standard

Eaglet (イーグレット Īguretto?) is a Sniper Trigger.


Eaglet is a rifle with a black stock and forestock, and a stop front sight on top of the muzzle. The scope has a target dot reticle.[2]


Since Haruaki Azuma was Border's first Sniper,[3] this Trigger could not have existed until four years prior to Yūma's enlistment.[4]


Eaglet has the best range of all Sniper Triggers.[5] In extraordinarily capable hands, it could hit a target from 1 kilometer away.[6] Furthermore, the higher the trion levels of the user, the more its range can be increased.[7] Eaglet also boasts optimal bullet speed, power and accuracy. Reacting to an Eaglet shot after it has been fired is regarded as a commendable feat.[8] Since very few individuals are capable of it, predicting the exact target, timing and direction of an Eaglet shot is considered the only way to reliably protect oneself.[9] In fact, Eaglet can easily break a Shield with a single bullet, unless there's a significant discrepancy in trion capacity,[9] and although a focused Shield can stop it,[9] it needs to be sufficiently concentrated, or it will be ineffective.[10] Full Guard is also capable of withstanding an Eaglet shot.[11]

According to Reiji Kizaki, Border Sniper Triggers are very well made, so if the wielder has good aim, they will not miss.[12] This was proven true when Isami Tōma and Tōru Narasaka managed to hit the small, shifting interstices in Hairein's defense.[13]

Overall, Eaglet has excellent stats and no real flaws. Consequently, it serves the purpose of a balanced, all-around Sniper Trigger, and it is the most popular rifle in Rank Wars.[14]


Name Description
Satori Double Snipe Twin Snipe (ツイン狙撃(スナイプ) Tsuin Sunaipu?)[15] The user activates two Eaglets, one through the main and one through the sub, and, after taking aim with one eye per scope, fires them simultaneously.[16] This technique can be used against two different targets,[16] or against only one for increased firepower.[17] Its only user is Ken Satori.[18]
Satori Acrobatic Twin Snipe anime Acrobatic Twin Snipe (アクロバティックツイン狙撃(スナイプ) Akurobatikku Tsuin Sunaipu?)[19] An alternative version of Twin Snipe performed while the user is in motion and out of balance.[20] Ken Satori, its sole user,[18] was capable of killing a Trion Warrior with it while falling head-first, without using the scopes.[20]


See also: Eaglet Users

Eaglet has 18 current users,[21] including the Gunner Takaaki Katagiri.[22] In fact, all users of Sniper Triggers from B-rank and above have had Eaglet in their Trigger set at some point.[21] The only Sniper who currently lacks one in her Trigger set is Chika Amatori, who has recently replaced[23] it with Hound.[24] This list excludes those members of branches who do not participate in rank battles[25] as well as the All-Rounder Reiji Kizaki.[26] However, all 135 Snipers[27] in Border are given an Eaglet to practice during joint training, including C-ranks.[28]

The Eaglet user with the most Solo Usage Points is Isami Tōma, the no. 1 Sniper and no. 4 solo combatant.[29] Another notable user is Tōru Narasaka, the no. 2 Sniper.[30] However, despite the gap in points, both were allegedly outmatched by former Sniper Mirai Hatohara with this Trigger.[31]



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