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Eizō Netsuki (()(つき) (えい)(おう) Netsuki Eizō ?) is Chapter 176 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

After Tamakoma Second's match, they all split up in groups, Osamu and Usami shortly after learn that a rumor is spreading about how Hyuse is a neighbor. Osamu mets up with Netsuki who figures out a plan for them while Azuma asks how Chika is doing.

Long Summary[]

After Tamakoma Second's match, they all split up with Chika goes to meet up with Izuho, Hyuse and Yūma go do some Solo Rank Wars, and Osamu and Usami walk together. After talking with Members of Kazama Squad, they learn that a rumor is spreading that Hyuse is a Neighbor so Osamu calls Director Rindō to set up an appointment with Netsuki who is with Azuma. Osamu asks Netsuki to formally deny the rumor but he says that would make Border sound suspicious so they will set up a more creditable rumor and use Azuma to spread it. the rumor in question being that: hyuse is a relative of Cronin who got recruit due to his high trion levels and has been training for a few years, and the plan was to have him fill Jin's spot in Tamakoma First but after he became A-rank again, Hyuse was transferred to Tamakoma Second. After laying out the basics, Netsuki goes and hashes out the details and then Azuma asks Osamu how Chika is doing.

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