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You tried your best. You had a plan. You probably practiced hard every day. But too freakin' bad. I'm a... Black Trigger!!

Enedra to Kazama Squad.[1]

Enedra (エネドラ Enedora?)(Viz Translation: Enedora) is a character in the manga and anime series World Trigger. He was a Neighbor from Aftokrator. After his death, his memories and personality were duplicated inside a Rad.


Enedra was a tall neighbor with long ebony hair cut in straight (diagonal) bangs over his forehead. He had red eyes, with his right eye having a black sclera due to the influence of his horns. Like most other Aftokrator Neighbors, he has two horns on his head, similar to an oryx's horns.

As a Rad, he looks like a regular Rad, but black and with his typical horns. The Rad's tail is modified to work as a plug, which is used to charge him with trion through a socket. When deactivated (out of trion), his legs and horns are concealed inside his body, and his eye closed.


He displayed great arrogance and confidence in himself, often referring to humans as monkeys. He also seemed to be battle hungry; perhaps even a sadist. Despite his rash demeanor; however, he was actually a cunning individual, quickly pinpointing the reason why his attacks had no effect on Suwa when trapped in the training room.[5] Mira commented on his brash, free-willed personality being an effect of his horns taking root in his brain.[6]



  • (To Hyrein) "Aren't ya too afraid of 'em Miden's monkeys? Captain." [2]
  • (To Kazama Squad) "You did your best. You had a plan. Probably you practiced everyday. But it's a shame. I am... A Black Trigger!!" [7]
  • (To Mira) "Go to hell!! Vorvoros is mine..." [8]


  • Enedra (ενέδρα enédra) is the Greek word for "ambush".
  • According to Volume 7,[9] Enedra likes:
    • Trampling small fries
    • Taking arbitrary actions
    • Apples
  • According to Ashihara, his image of design is a Hannya.[10]



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