Escudo Users
Yūichi Jin
Jin Escudo barricade
Escudo causes a very durable shield to come out of the ground or another surface. By erecting many of them at once, Jin can also use it to block a target's path, or to restrain them.

Kyōsuke Karasuma
Karasuma Escudo1
A Trigger that causes a very durable shield to emerge from the ground. It can provide cover for Karasuma and his allies in a shootout. Since it can also be summoned remotely, Karasuma can use it to protect a distant target, or to impede the advance of and even restrain an opponent by trapping them between Escudo and a wall or another solid surface.

Ryūji Saeki
Hyuse Escudo
Hyuse is an extremely prolific Escudo user, whose combination of copious trion reserves and sheer creativity allow him to utilize it in unpredictable ways. He can erect dozens of barriers at once to separate teammates[1] or limit their options for retreat and evasion.[2] He can also exploit its force while it surfaces to propel himself and others high into the air[3] or to forcefully knock them in a desired direction. By touching an opponent he can cause Escudo to emerge directly from their body,[4] potentially impeding them.[5] More common applications of Escudo that Hyuse has mastered include erecting barricades to approach the enemy while defending himself from Gunner Triggers,[6] trapping an opponent between two Escudo,[7] and obstruct all exits in a building. His superior trion makes it possible for him to cast Escudo more than the standard 25 meters away from his position.[8] Hyuse is first seen using Escudo in Chapter 169.