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Expedition Selection Exam Arc
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Expedition Selection Exam Arc
Chapters: 200 -
Date: circa March 5 -
Description: Tamakoma Second aims for the expedition team. At the same time, Galopoula and Tamakoma Branch form an alliance.
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: B-Rank Rank Battles Arc

The Expedition Selection Exam Arc is the sixth arc of the World Trigger series.

Summary[edit | edit source]

An Alliance with Galopoula[edit | edit source]

On the day that Tamakoma Second had yakiniku with the other B-rank teams, Orkan and Reghindetz infiltrate Mikado City in their real bodies to figure out a way to hamper Border. They are quickly found by Yōtarō and Raijinmaru. They are introduced to Rindō and Jin. Though they initially assume that they are being arrested, Rindō expresses his conditions bluntly: Galopoula will not interfere with Border's operations or attack Mikado City, and Border will launch its expedition in 50 days. Orkan remains skeptical of Border's motives, given that they are asking for little, so Rindō also asks for information on Aftokrator's vassal states and a Tamakoma-Galopoula alliance. He also reveals that the rationale behind the deal is that the expedition would separate Border from its strongest agents, so they want to avoid trouble where possible. Though Orkan understands the reasoning, he states that he would need to obtain Gatlin's approval for the alliance. He also asks Rindō how Border obtained its mother trigger. Rindō informs them that Tamakoma was connected with three Neighborhood nations: Dexia, Meson, and Aristera. A few years ago, Aristera had fallen and Border had given refuge to its prince, Yōtarō, and its princess Ruka Shinoda, and the mother trigger was maintained by the latter.

Rindō further clarifies that Ruka is not a god, but rather, Border had a crown trigger: Raijinmaru, Yōtarō's defender. Orkan wonders what Border would have to gain from an alliance with Aftokrator-controlled Galopoula, but Rindō reveals his knowledge of the seizure of Galopoula by Aftokator. He also reveals that Jin's side effect allowed him to see into the future, and the side effect encouraged an alliance with Galopoula. Orkan returns to the ship, and Gatlin, while somewhat skeptical of the possibility of a clairvoyant in Border, gives Orkan the authority to forge the alliance.

On the day of the next meeting with the Galopoulan agents, Jin brings Yūma and Osamu to Tamakoma Branch, claiming that there is someone for them to meet. There, they meet Ruka Shinoda. Though they are somewhat put off by her arrogance, Jin reveals that she is not in fact whom he wants them to meet. He takes them to the Orkan and Reghindetz. After testing Jin's ability to see into the future, Orkan gives them a bracelet which allows for tracking and contact with Galopoula. Jin gives the bracelet to Osamu, stating that he would not be on the expedition as he had to defend Mikado City with his side effect. At the same time, he is not fully confident that Osamu will pass the expedition selection exam. After the meeting with the Galopoulan agents, Yūma revealed that Orkan, who had introduced himself as Ratarikov, was not actually named Ratarikov. It is revealed that Ratarikov's real name is Orkan Marduk and he is the fugitive fourth prince of Galopoula.

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