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Fugitives from Another World (()()(カイ)からの(トウ)(ボウ)(シャ) Isekai Kara no Tōbōsha?) is episode 49 of the World Trigger Anime.

Short Summary[]

Unknown Trion soldiers show up at Border HQ. Jin and Tachikawa take them on.

Osamu and the others go for training in Shizuka City. Later, a mysterious boy appears and attacks them with trion soldiers.

Long Summary[]

The episode starts with a Gate Activity Warning saying that gates have opened up in the Forbidden Zone and that if any civilians are in the zone to leave immediately. That shot is then followed up by Jin taking off his glasses which due to his foresight saw that "they" were coming this then cuts to Masafumi Shinoda walking up to Sawamura to which she says four gates have opened up, Shinoda then asks if they all opened at once but Sawamura is shocked.

In the next shot it shows off a Unnamed giant trion soldier dropping from the sky to which Sawamura says it is a unknown trion soldier and that it isn't on the reference list afterwards it cuts back to the giant shooting at who we later know as Xeno's and Lilith's Away Ship to which Jin asks himself if the trion soldier is chasing the ship that ran through the portal first a second later a Raffilena comes out dropping Arugdas from the sky like rain so Jin contacts Shinoda at HQ saying he'll take care of the new types then asks shinoda of he can track the ship which wasn't detected by Sawamura, Jin sighs at it and continues by saying he'll handle things to which shinoda says he will send any active defense duty agents there immediately.

After that Jin jumps down, summons his scorpions, runs and immediately decapiates an Arugda one strike, another one comes out and tries to hit Jin with its arm like a club to which Jin jumps throws the scorpion in his right hand then lands on the Arugda while stabbing the core at the same time with the scorpion in his left hand, a third Arugda tries to sneak up on Jin however the thrown scorpion falls towards Jin so he grabs it then throws it at the Arugda behind him, hitting its core then one last Arugda comes out running towards Jin so he gets up and jumps towards it, slicing the core and head in half in midair.

After that encounter Izumi who is with Tachikawa calls out to Jin to which jin replies to how Tachikawa Squad is on defense duty tonight, Tachikawa then asks Jin what the new types were as even he hasn't seen them on away missions to which Jin responds with how they have to take them down anyways so Izumi knowing what will happen say he will just be backup and as expected Tachikawa requests a race to take down the three Arugdas saying how it has been too long, Jin then requests Tachikawa to not rip them apart too much but Tachikawa says he can't promise but will keep it in mind. The race begins with Tachikawa slicing the trion soldier twice then runs towards the third Arugda not long after Jin slices his Arugda in one go and the duo having similar running speeds sliced the third Arugda at the same time making it a tie, Izumi then comments saying how he didn't get to do anything as expected.

Giev makes his debut by commenting on how the duo took only one strike for each Arugda with Charon complimenting them saying they live up to their name then says they might get in the way of the mission. Giev responds with how they won't be an issue if that's the best they got afterwards Charon detects Xeno's and Lilith's Away Ship, and due to the wind we see Giev's Ergates' Trigger however it is not known if they gave chase in this scene.

Border's training camp is now in full view with Usami saying they are going on another round of running. Usami is biking while Osamu, Chika and Yuma are all running with Osamu barely able keep up. Usami then asks if he is alright, Osamu says he is good since he wants to keep up so Usami then speeds up while Chika and Yuma slow down to ask if he is actually alright.

Osamu then thinks about the last round and that they were sent to Shizuka City to Border's training camp thanks to Director Rindo.

Debatable Canon[]

Sawamura talks about a reference list in this episode however speaks no mention of it during the Second Large-Scale Invasion.

Jin said Tachikawa squad was on defense duty that day however Yuiga is no where to be seen due to being a manga only character at the time but it raises the question of whether or not he does defense duty due being whiny and weak.

Border having a training camp.

Shizuka City existing.

Being that Osamu has trained with Tamakoma for about 3 months now, He should have no issue with running.

Characters in order of appearance[]

Characters in order of appearance[]


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