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Full Arms
But... but... if he'd used... his Full Arms... Reiji wouldn't have lost!

Yōtarō Rindō on the reason of Reiji Kizaki's defeat, in Large-Scale Invasion 12.[1]

Full Arms (全武装(フルアームス), Furu Āmusu lit. All Arms?) is a prototype Optional Trigger[2] exclusive to Tamakoma Branch. It is Reiji Kizaki's personal Trigger.[3]


Full Arms is an ensemble of different weapons. When it is activated, it conjures two mechanical arms with four joints behind the user's back. Two firearms appear on the user's shoulders: on the right one, a parallelepiped vaguely reminiscent of a missile turret, with openings on the front, at the sides and at the top; on the left one, a large gun. The rest seems to depend on the user's Trigger set, with a firearm from the main being summoned in their dominant hand and one from the sub in their non-dominant one. In Kizaki's case, his right forearm is covered by a shield connected to his minigun, which he now holds with one hand, and an assault rifle appears in his left hand. Each metal claw holds a dark-colored Raygust in Shield Mode of trapezoidal shape.[4] As Konami noted, Full Arms bears resemblance to Vasilissa.[5]


Like the other Tamakoma-exclusive Triggers, Full Arms was developed from technology Takumi Rindō brought back from the Neighborhood.[6] It is currently considered a prototype not approved by Border's HQ.[6]


Full Arms seems to have the ability to remove the two-Trigger limit, so that the user can use up to six at the same time.[4] When Kizaki activates it, the two mechanical arms on his back hold a Raygust in Shield Mode for defense.[4] He can turn them off in order to save trion.[7] The minigun and the assault rifle are loaded with Asteroid, whereas the turret on his right shoulder fires Hound bullets.[7] The ammunition of the shoulder gun is unknown.

Full Arms in action.

Full Arms grants the user an overwhelming amount of firepower, which can be directed at multiple targets at the same time. It is enough to instantly destroy several Idras, all of which had their Shields activated and combined.[8] However, due to the number of Triggers in use, it burns through the user's trion quickly.[9] It is unclear if Full Arms can be deactivated, like Connector, or if the transformation cannot be undone until the trion body is destroyed, like in Geist's case.


The only user of this Trigger is Reiji Kizaki.[3] It works particularly well in conjunction with his special Trigger holder, which can allocate up to 14 chips instead of the usual 8.[2]



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