Captain Ninomiya's Full Attack Hound! Such firepower!

Haruka Ayatsuji, in Osamu Mikumo 13.[1]

Full Attack[2]

Izumi Full Attack anime.png

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Kanji 両攻撃
Rōmaji Furuatakku
Organization BrDr.png Border
Type White trion.png Normal (Mode)
Classification GU.png Gunner (Gunner/Shooter) (GU.png + GU.png)
- Devolves all power to offense
First Appearance
Manga Chapter 26
Anime Episode 14

Full Attack (両攻撃(フルアタック) Furuatakku?, lit. Double Attack) is the activation of Gunner Triggers through both the Main and the Sub.[3]

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The appearance of Full Attack depends on the two Gunner Triggers in use. To start it, a Shooter manifests one trion cube in each hand which can later be divided in smaller portions.[1] Gunners summon one firearm the Main and one through the Sub.[4]

Overview[edit | edit source]

Full Attack could not have existed until the creation of Gunner Triggers and the establishment of the Main/Sub division.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

By going into Full Attack, the user activates two Gunner Triggers, one through the Main and one through the Sub, attempting to crush the opponent through sheer firepower. Since they will be unable to summon a Shield quickly,[5] this technique is used when one can afford to focus exclusively on attacking. It also has low flexibility, since it uses only one type of Gunner Trigger. By concentrating on a single target or area, a Shooter or Gunner can wear down and tear through the opponent's defenses,[6] making up for the relatively low power of Gunner Triggers with the number of shots. Unlike Asteroid, Hound[1] and Viper[7] can be used in Full Attack even while out of sight, reducing the risks for the Shooter. Experienced combatants can pretend to be preparing to open fire in Full Attack when they are actually ready to switch to Full Guard, so as to lure a hidden enemy into attacking and reveal their position.[8]

The power of Full Attack is dependent on the type of bullet used as well as the Shooter's or Gunner's trion levels. With Viper, Rei Nasu was able to breach the combined Shields of Tatsuya Kuruma and Taichi Betsuyaku.[7] Masataka Ninomiya was able to bombard a moderately large area with his Full Attack Hound, and despite the shots being so scattered they were able to open gaps in Yūma Kuga's Shield.[1]

Techniques[edit | edit source]

Name Description
Hound storm anime.png Hound Storm (追尾弾嵐(ハウンドストーム) Houndo Sutōmu?) A powerful collaborative technique in which multiple members of the same unit use Hound in Full Attack.[9] It was created by Mamiya Unit.[9]
Birdcage anime.png Birdcage (鳥籠(とりかご) Torikago?)[10] By using Viper in Full Attack, the user unleashes a multidirectional attack to simultaneously target all enemies within their sight or visible on Radar, proving to be a threat even when surrounded.[10] Feinting this technique and then concentrating fire enables them to thwart possible countertactics.[11] Its only known user is Rei Nasu.[10]

Users[edit | edit source]

There are 9 known users of this technique, 6 Shooters and 4 Gunners. The Shooters are Kōhei Izumi,[2] Masataka Ninomiya,[1] Rei Nasu[7] and the three Shooters of Mamiya Unit,[9] while the Gunners are Kōtarō Suwa,[12] Daichi Tsutsumi,[13] Hiro Kitazoe[14] and Tatsuya Kuruma.[15]

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