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Galopoula (ガロプラ, Garopura?) is a country in the Neighborhood. It is a vassal state of Aftokrator. Following the Second Large-Scale Invasion, on February 19, they sent an expedition force to Earth to cripple Border's offensive capabilities.

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A few years before Galopoula's Invasion, Aftokrator came to seize control of its Mother Trigger and massacred its royal family with the exception of Orkan Marduk.[1]

B-Rank Wars Arc[]

Galopoula and Rhodokhroun are mentioned as Aftokrator's vassals that will be nearing Earth soon, but said nation will probably invade through non-combative means since Jin did not predict any casualties. Later, it is shown that Galopoula is the one to invade with combatants, whereas Rodochroun only sent their trion soldiers to assist. A team of 6 agents was sent, with Gatlin as the leader. Their mission was to cripple Border such that they could not retaliate against Aftokrator; how this was to be done would be up to them. Gatlin decides to destroy the Expedition Ship. They send several Marmods beforehand to evaluate the strength of Border's defenses, eventually sending Dogs and Idras to attack on the big day. The army of Trion Soldiers is met by several Border units. Gatlin, Wen Sō, and Ratarikov disguise themselves as Idras to infiltrate Border HQ, while Reghindetz and Koskero act as decoys outside.

The former are confronted by Jin, who attempts to slay them with Fūjin. However, they have apparently prepared for this thanks to intel from Aftokrator, shielding themselves. Ratarikov uses his Trigger to take himself and the other two into the next room. They are then confronted by Nasu and Kumagai, so Wen Sō deals with them while the other two head-on. Miwa and Yoneya then find Koskero and attack him. The mission ends in failure; the Galopoulan agents are defeated and the ship is not damaged.

Away Mission Test Arc[]

Following the failure of their mission, Reghindetz and Ratarikov survey Mikado City in search of a way to hinder Border's impending Expedition; but are quickly found by Tamakoma Branch. Rindō offers an alliance with Galopoula. On the recommendation of Rata, Galopoula accepts a mutual aid pact with Tamakoma while revealing that Rata's real name is Orkan Marduk.[2]

Known Members[]


  • Galopoula (γαλοπούλα, galopoúla) is the Greek word for "turkey".
  • All known Triggers from this nation hail their names from Greek subjectives that refer to professions, titles, or positions women can have.



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