Galopoula's Invasion
Location Border HQ
Date February 19
Damage Sustained/Casualties
  • Kei Tachikawa Bails outs
  • Minor damage to some agents`s trion bodies
  • Hangar door is suffers moderate damage
Arc B-Rank Rank Battles Arc
Previous Tamakoma Second vs. Ninomiya Unit vs. Kageura Unit vs. Azuma Unit
Next Tamakoma Second vs. Katori Unit vs. Kakizaki Unit
Simultaneous Miwa Unit vs. Koskero
Nasu Unit vs. Wen Sō
Border's Top Attackers vs. Gatlin and Ratarikov
Hyuse vs. Reghindetz
Chapter(s) 124-136
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To prevent Border from retaliating against Aftokrator, Galopoula and Rodochroun were sent to cripple Border's offensive forces. Only Galopoula sent agents; Rodochroun sent Trion Warriors. The method of attack was left up to Gatlin, who decides it will be to destroy the Expedition Ship.


First, Galopoula sends out Dogs to gather info about Border's defense. Then, they send Idra as their first offensive measure. They are met by Border's forces, who have some trouble in defeating them since these Trion Warriors are capable of spawning shields. One of the agents uses his Trigger to get Idra nearer to the HQ, and Ratarikov manages to open a gate so Wen Sō, Gatlin, and he can infiltrate Border HQ and tunnel their way to the Expedition Ship. They are first confronted by Jin, who uses Fūjin. However, they have apparently been alerted of this by Aftokrator and defend adequately, and Ratarikov uses his Trigger to flee. Next, they are attacked by Nasu and Kumagai, so Wen Sō stays behind to face them. Meanwhile, Reghindetz and Koskero serve as distractions outside of Border. Miwa and Yoneya find Koskero, much to his dismay. Other place outside Border have alliance unit Ninomiya, Kako, Arashiyama, Suwa, and Kizaki units to guard outside Border and choose Suwa to take the command, other alliance unit Murakami, Kazama, Konami and Tachikawa waiting Gatlin and Ratarikov inside Border




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