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Galopoula (ガロプラ Garopura ?) is volume 15 of the World Trigger Manga.


Another invasion is underway, and alien country Galopoula plans to infiltrate Border HQ. The A-Rank and B-Rank agents have their hands full on the ground, but the commotion outside is only a distraction! A handful of humanoid Neighbors manage to sneak their way into Border’s away ship hangar, and it’s up to the top four Attackers to stop them!

Cover Characters[]

Front Cover

Back Cover


Author's Note[]

"I never thought that over-the-counter medicine worked for me, so I never trusted medicine in general. But the painkillers I got from the hospital are working great! Meds are awesome! Here's World Trigger volume 15.

Story Arc[]


  • Galopoula's Invasion
  • Miwa Squad vs. Koskero
  • Nasu Squad vs. Wen Sō
  • Border's Top Attackers vs. Gatlin and Ratarykov
  • Hyuse vs. Reghindetz