Galopoula 12 (ガロプラ⑫ Garopura 12?) is chapter 133 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

After clashing in an intense fight, Border's Top Attackers finally manage to defeat both Gatlin and Ratarikov. Meanwhile, a sudden encounter with Hyuse turns Reghindetz speechless as the former asks for his identity.

Long SummaryEdit

Tachikawa decides that he and Konami would prevent Gatlin from using his cannon. He decides to use the "shwoop" strategy. Konami points out that the plan was reckless, but Tachikawa reminds her that it corresponded with Jin's prediction. Gatlin orders Ratarikov to try and remove Murakami. He also informs him that the teleport had fixed locations, so knowing where the teleport areas are and predicting their next location are instrumental in defeating them. Ratarikov attacks Murakami, so Kazama draws Ratarikov's attention to him by using Chameleon. However, the smoke from Kazama's wounds reveal his location, so Ratarikov uses that to cut him, though it turns out to be only his arm. Kazama uses the opportunity to slash through Ratarikov. Ratarikov realizes that Kazama used his arm as a distraction. Before he is out of commission, he attacks Murakami again, though as before, the attack fails. Gatlin prepares to use his cannon, and Tachikawa orders Konami to support Murakami. Gatlin uses his mechanical arms to hold Tachikawa. Murakami frets over not being able to predict the cannon's trajectory, as well as Tachikawa being destroyed as well. However, Tachikawa reveals that this is as planned, and Konami bisects both of them.

Reghindetz is in a park when Hyuse approaches him, revealing his Aftokrator identity, and asks him if he is from Galopoula. Reghindetz is shocked.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of AppearanceEdit


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