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This page is about chapter 121. For the Neighbor country, see Galopoula. For other uses, see Galopoula (disambiguation).

Galopoula 13 (ガロプラ⑬ Garopura 13?) is chapter 136 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

With the invasion repelled, everyone that participates in the defense is relieved with their success. Meanwhile, the members of Galopoula Expedition Force held a meeting inside their Expedition Ship. In the meantime, the fifth round of B-Rank Rank Battles is about to begin.

Long Summary[]

Sawamura reports that there are no more Trion responses, though Shinoda orders that the units still be vigilant. Kinuta points out that Galopoula would still be near-Earth for another month. Fuyushima reminds them that they would have Jin's Side Effect in case, and declares victory.

Meanwhile, the Border agents are celebrating their victory. Inukai plays with Koskero's slime. Miwa explains that he and Yoneya would be returning to HQ in their state to have the slime analyzed. Ninomiya asks Miwa why he worked with Jin despite hating Tamakoma Branch. Miwa responds that he simply did it because it would be the best way to complete the mission.

As the celebration goes on, all the Galopoula Expedition Force regroups inside their ship. Wen Sō chides Reghindetz for appearing to attack the town, since that would earn Border's vexation. Koskero states that it seemed like their moves were anticipated, and Orkan Marduk elaborates by saying that it was too precise to have come from Hyuse. Yomi tells Gatlin why Vasilissa broke. It had been hit in the same place twice. Gatlin admits that Border is indeed formidable, but they still have time to strike again.

Tamakoma Second's fifth Rank Battle is about to begin, with Izumi, Tokieda, and Taketomi as commentators. Taketomi is ecstatic since Ebina Unit has finally entered the middle group. They begin talking about the teams: Tamakoma Second, Katori Unit, and Kakizaki Unit. Izumi explains that Katori Unit had been in the upper group for a while, but Taketomi reveals they dropped after suffering several losses. Kakizaki Unit, on the other hand, dropped, but rose again. Sakurako mentions that they are known for being overly cautious, but Tokieda reasons that it isn't a bad thing, as they had no Bail Outs during the Second Large-Scale Invasion. Taketomi reveals that Kakizaki was once part of the Arashiyama Unit. Tamakoma Second had enjoyed three consecutive victories, but suffered a tremendous loss against the upper B-Rank teams. She says that their weakness is that only Yūma could get points, but Tokieda assures her that she might be wrong. However, he refuses to explain details. With that, the Round 5 Rank Battles begin.

Characters in order of appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in order of appearance[]


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