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This page is about Chapter 202. For the Neighbor country, see Galopoula. For other uses, see Galopoula (disambiguation).

Galopoula 14 (ガロプラ⑭ Garopura 14 ?) is Chapter 202 of the World Trigger Manga.

Short Summary[]

Ratarykov and Reghindetz meet Yūma and Osamu, officially establishing an allegiance between Galopoula and Tamakoma Branch in the process afterwards Ratarykov's real identity is revealed.

Long Summary[]

Reghindetz is shocked that Yōtarō is the Aristeran prince. Rindō further explains that his older sister is the princess, and that she operates Border's mother trigger. Ratarykov thinks that she is the god, but Rindō clarifies that she is not a god. As such, he figures out that Border has a crown trigger. While talking to Osamu and Yūma, Jin explains that a crown trigger serves a mother trigger as the most powerful trigger of a planet. How a crown trigger manifests varies from planet to planet. Yūma recalls a crown trigger on his old planet named tsuchigami. The tsuchigami would do a variety of tasks.

Rindō discloses that Raijinmaru is in fact Border's crown trigger, tasked to protect Yōtarō. Jin recounts that is why he panicked when Yōtarō approached Reghindetz during Galopoula's Invasion, as Raijinmaru may have become destructive to protect Yōtarō. Ratarykov questions Border's ability to benefit from an alliance with Galopoula given that Aftokrator controls Galopoula. Rindō, much to the shock of Reghindetz, reveals that he is aware of Aftokrator's seizure of Galopoula's mother trigger and the massacre of the Galopoulan royal family. Though in fact there is not much to gain by siding with Galopoula, Rindō points out that Jin's side effect encouraged a Galopoula-Tamakoma alliance. Jin divulges his ability to peer into the future.

In Galopoula's ship, Gatlin is somewhat doubtful of the possibility that Jin can actually see into the future, but nevertheless remarks that it would explain how well prepared Border was. The other Galopoulan agents are wary of making an alliance, so Gatlin asks Rata what to do.

Several days after the initial meeting with Galopoula, Jin brings Osamu and Yūma to meet the two Galopoulan agents. Rata introduces himself as Ratarykov, subsequently introducing Reghindetz. Osamu and Yūma do likewise. Rata tells them that Galopoula has agreed to their offer and gives them data on Aftokrator's vassal states. Rata proposes to give something to them, but first has Jin guess it to prove that he can see into the future. Jin guesses correctly: a hoop-like object with a floral pattern. Confirming the veracity of Jin's claims, Reghindetz gives them a transmitter and homing device, and Rata has a corresponding trigger. The braclets can track each other no matter how far apart they are, and when close enough, allow for private communication. Jin gives it to Osamu for use in the expedition ship, explaining that he was going to stay behind to protect Mikado City with the new intel from Galopoula. Osamu inquires about the possibility of Aftokrator finding out about the braclet's location, but Rata assures them that Galopoula was trustworthy. Using Yūma, Osamu confirms this is the case. Jin establishes Osamu and Yūma as Tamakoma's representatives. After this, the two Galopoula members leave.

Osamu asks Jin why he is a representative when he has yet to pass the expedition exam. Though Yūma suggests that Jin predicted it, Jin reveals that he is in fact unsure at this point. Jin points that Osamu's increased responsibility should encourage him to endeavour to pass the test anyhow. Yūma then reveals that Rata lied about one thing: his name, which he claimed was Ratarykov.

Gatlin confirms the Galopoula-Tamakoma alliance, stating Rata should be the one to call the shots. It is revealed that Ratarykov's real name is Orkan Marduk, and he is the fugitive fourth prince of Galopoula.

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