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This page is about chapter 121. For the Neighbor country, see Galopoula. For other uses, see Galopoula (disambiguation).

Galopoula 2 (ガロプラ② Garopura 2?) is chapter 123 of the World Trigger manga.

Short Summary[]

Osamu trains for the upcoming Rank Battle while Yūma is offered a spot in Kako Unit and Galopoula makes their move.

Long Summary[]

Osamu thanks Kitora, who demands a more formal response, for the training. When asked about her harshness by Ayatsuji, she says that kindness will become a burden on him if he becomes overdependent on it.

Kako explains to Yūma that she is recruiting prodigies with the first letter "K" in their surname. She also reveals that Kako Unit is aiming for the Expedition Force, and that A-Rank members get customized Triggers. Yūma declines anyways, since he plans on doing those things with his team. Kageura arrives, having been waiting to fight Yūma as he was lost. Kako and Kageura fight over having Yūma, but Yūma states that he has to return.

Osamu visits the Tachikawa Unit operation room to practice something. Izumi divulges that he will be a commentator for Tamakoma Second's upcoming match. Osamu promises to do well.

On February 19, Katori Unit is doing patrols right before their Rank Battle, defeating a Mole Mod. Katori complains that this gave them a disadvantage. At the same time, their opponents were weak as they had defeated Kakizaki Unit several times before, and Tamakoma Second suffered an embarrassing loss against the top B-Rank units. Wakamura disagrees, which leads to an argument that is broken up by Somei. Wakamura notes Sōmei is angry, and Katori blames him for it, leading to another argument which Miura tries to break up. From the defeated Mole Mod, a new Trion Warrior, the Dog, comes out. In the Galopoula invasion ship, Gatlin notes that their security was high, which meant they probably knew an attack was imminent. He explains that the target is underground, and they would attack at sundown. The target is Border's Expedition ship.

Jin senses the arrival of the invaders and recommends that Shinoda use Pattern A, defending the HQ base. Tachikawa moves out. Jin orders Konami to tag along with Tachikawa, as he saw a future where Tachikawa would be cut down. He tells Konami that the opponents might be more difficult than anticipated.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of Appearance[]


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