Galopoula 4 (ガロプラ④ Garopura 4?) is chapter 125 of the World Trigger manga.

Short SummaryEdit

The Galopoula Expedition Force continues their raid of HQ, encountering resistance from Border.

Long SummaryEdit

Yōtarō wakes up to find Hyuse gone. Gatlin, Wen Sō, and Ratarikov continue their raid on HQ to get to the Expedition Ship, with support from Yomi. Fuyushima sets up blockades throughout the building. Gatlin decides that Wen Sō will deal with any pursuers, but enemies are to be avoided in any case. Meanwhile, Reghindetz and Koskero would lure Border's forces outside.

Ratarikov asks what would happen if Hyuse were found. Gatlin said that the orders were to dispose of him if he made any trouble. The three encounter Jin, who uses Fūjin to attack them. However, they manage to block it, leading Jin to suspect that Aftokrator gave them information on Fūjin. Ratarikov uses his Trigger to take the three to another room. Netsuki worries that the Expedition Ship is virtually defenseless since the Trigger allowed them to go through walls at will. Fuyushima points out that if it were that powerful, they would have directly gone rather than use halls, which means that there are limits.

Amō states that the Trion Warriors were relatively weak, but the agents were A-Rank level. Gatlin is at Shinoda's level. Shinoda realizes that there are probably agents on the outside directing the Trion Warriors. Outside, Arashiyama asks Yoneya to track down the one releasing Trion Warriors. Inside, Nasu and Kumagai attack the three invaders. As planned, Wen Sō is left to deal with them. Meanwhile, Miwa and Yoneya have tracked down Koskero.

Characters in Order of AppearanceEdit

Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.

Triggers in Order of AppearanceEdit

  • Fūjin (Jin)
  • Shield (Gatlin, Wen Sō & Ratarikov)
  • Kogetsu (Tsuji, Sasamori, Arafune, Karasuma, Arashiyama & Kumagai)
  • Bagworm (Tōma, Betsuyaku, Hiura, Hanzaki, Kodera, Satori & Arafune)
  • Scorpion (Midorikawa)
  • Eaglet (Hiura, Narasaka, Hokari, Hanzaki, Kodera, Satori, Kizaki, Tōma, Arafune & Betsuyaku)
  • Viper (Nasu)
  • Servitora (Wen Sō)
  • Kogetsu/Gen'yō (Yoneya)

Side EffectsEdit

  • Yomi's Perfect Parallel Processing
  • Tsukihiko Amō's viewing others' fighting ability as colors


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